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    I don t normally expect much from Ida Crowe novels, no matter the pseudonym, but I must say that this is the second Pamela Kent book where I am surprised at some of the wackiness For example, the book begins with the heroine admiring the ancient mystery of the Sphinx, which is pretty standard stuff, right WRONG This particular h imagines the Sphinx making fun of her appearance and telling her she could stand to gain a few pounds, because she s got nothing on the Egyptian babes back in the Sphinx s day To her credit, the h kinds of shrugs off the Sphinx s insults, until she realizes she is being listened to by a mysterious, handsome man, who reminds her of the Sphinx Like the Sphinx, this H is a piece of work, and he proceeds to behave quite oddly The h, who despite her tendency to get snarked at by ancient wonders, is actually not a very deep thinker, and she is almost entirely oblivious to the H s motivations, which makes this ...

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Nile Dusk Epub Nile Dusk Pamela Kent Romilly Was Pleased, But Certainly Not Alarmed, When Her Great Aunt Left Her A House In Cairo Why Should Crighton Bey Warn Her To Be Careful Of Her Possessions Romilly Soon Found Herself Thinking Of Him Than Was Good For Her But Was He Really Interested In Her Or Only In What She Had Inherited