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The Man in My Heart Introducing Mrs Valeesa Jackson Prompay, III., A Beautiful Black Broker In Charlotte, NC She Is Suave And Very Business Savvy, But Is Unskilled And Not So Swift When Dealing With Matters Of The Heart She Finds Herself On A Journey To Find Real Love But Searched In The Wrong Places With Two Types Of Men A Wife Beater And A Con Artist Which Resulted In A Failed Marriage, Job Loss, A Miscarriage, Home Being Destroyed And A Disconnection With God Valeesa Reaches Out To God, Her Pastor, Church Family, And Friends Her Life Changes For The Better And She Begins Living Purpose And God S Plan For Her Life The Man In My Heart A Mini Novel , Is A Novel Of Love, Redemption And Forgiveness As You Read, You Will Experience All Emotions Known To Man It Will Make You Laugh, Cry, Angry, Love, And Forgive One Thing Is For Sure, You The Reader Will Leave With A Message Of Hope, Purpose And Direction Towards God S Plan For Your Life And Relationship

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    Let me first admit that prior to reading this book I assumed that it would run me off from reading it Aware of the fact that Anita Sneed Carter is a minister, I assumed that the content of this book through out its entirety would be over populated with redundant biblical scriptures and an unentertaining plot The Man in my Heart is anything but that This novel gets down to nitty gritty IMMEDIATELY From the beginning of the story you are instantly pulled into the life of Valeesa, a woman on her way to walking down the isle Despite of discernment and her intuition kicking in to provide all the signs she desperately needs to take heed to, she makes a conscious decision to proceed with the wedding Like any other woman in the world as, Jill Scott stated it best on her last album, Ms Jackson just wants to be loved Unfortunately like many women who make some not so smart choices and decisions when it comes to love, she finds herself constantly getting burned over and over again As a result, this poor baby had to hit rock bottom However with maturation and accepting full responsibility for the role that she assumed for making unhealthy relationship c...

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    I was deeply moved by The Man in My Heart Not only touching the heart and soul, but revealing how God brings us through trials and tripulations standing in faith Her reflections on love and relationships stimulate awareness and compassion A true revelation A must read I recommend to eve...