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Operator #5: The Dawn That Shook the World Operator 5, America S Secret Service Ace, Appeared In 48 Novels In The Classic Pulp Magazine Bearing His Name From April 1934 To November 1939, Jimmy Christopher Fought Villains From Inside The United States And Invaders From Without With World War II Looming On The Horizon, The Operator 5 Novels Became A Reflection Of The Times, Showcasing American Fears Of Technology And Oppression In The Dawn That Shook The World, Jimmy Christopher Leads A Band Of Agents Into Europe, Battlling A Dictator With Plans For World Dominations Shades Of Adolph Hitler One Of The Bloodiest Pulp Magazines Ever Produced, Operator 5 Has A Well Deserved Reputation For Thrill A Minute Action And Peril If You Like Pulp Fiction, You Ll Love Operator 5.

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    Another wants to take over the world These books seem scary than when I read them in the 60s.Invading forces seem indestructible as they walk through gunfire unaffected.