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    When good natured musician Roman witnesses a bizarre meteorite shower, he doesn t realise his life is going to be changed forever Strange lights flash across the sky, and people begin to fear that what they are seeing are no ordinary meteors, but something far sinister When the shower ends though, and nothing else happens everything goes back to normal.But then the strangely coloured mushrooms begin appearing, and things start to go crazy Travelling across America, the beautiful free spirit Chalice hunts down and destroys garden gnomes that might or not be surveillance devices She meets a soul mate in Roman when she watches him, and his band perform, but sinister and far from human Government agents are just about to spoil their burgeoning romance.Meanwhile, on the medieval world of Gavelin, where alchemy and monsters are commonplace, warrior Quinara and her timid companion Leks try and survive after their civilisation is almost wiped out by hideous demons intent on killing every living thing in their land In their arduous travels, they meet ...

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    Imagine walking into your backyard and seeing mushrooms strung along in large amounts Over four feet tall Candela writes an out of this world fantasy that starts with a harmless meteor shower, and brings together an interesting cast of characters Following Leks and Quinara through the beginning of the book takes a slow start All the fun begins, after a young boy Tor finds the mushrooms in his backyard and.o...

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    Mushroom Summer was an entertaining read packed with an interesting ensemble of characters from Earth and beyond If you enjoy sci fi and fantasy this is a feast to get your teeth into.

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Mushroom Summer Reading Mushroom Summer Author Kevin Candela Contra On Far Distant Gavelin, Leks And Quinara Scrappy Human Survivors Of A Demonic Plague That Has All But Wiped Out Their Civilization Race Against Time In A Perilous Journey To The Perceived Safety Of The Cradle Of Their Society The Great Coastal City Of Amaline On The Sandarine Sea Along The Way They Meet Horrifying Carnivorous Mud Monsters, Sentient Human Hunting Thunderstorms And An Outcast Bio Alchemist With A Warped Sense Of Humor Whose Bizarre Menagerie Features A Panther Like Beast Made Of Living Metal The Alchemist, Yakano, Not Only Finds Their Dilemma Intriguing But Adds One Of His Own The Stars Of Gavelin S Night Sky Are Blinking Out One By One Across The Milky Way A Mind Blowing Display Of Celestial Fireworks Lights Up Earth S Skies The Meteor Shower Turns Out To Be As Harmless As It Is Dazzling, Depositing Only One Nearly Invisible Remnant Over The Course Of An All Day Bombardment That Remnant Soon Makes Its Presence Known To Tor, A Restless Tween Ager With Summer To Kill And Totally Weird New Mushrooms Popping Up In His Backyard The Mushrooms Attract Other Unique Characters As Well, Including Alien Theorist Science Fiction Junky Roman Novato, Itinerant Gnome Stealer Chalice Rayne And A Century Old Witch Named Cinna Whose Ill Gotten Supernatural Talents Are Pushing Her Toward A Terrifying Meltdown The Fates Of All Are Intertwined In Ways Not Even Roman Could Imagine Opening The Dragon S Game Trilogy With A Nonstop Barrage Of Alternating Terror, Mirth And Wild Ideas, Mushroom Summer Is A Fun House Thrill Ride That Incorporates Flying Demons Without Faces, Inexplicable Chasms In Open Water, Mysterious 500 Year Old Musicians, Giant Space Mantis Overlords And A Space Roving Sea Of Malevolent Spirits Called The Howling Wind Into A Rollicking Ride To And Through The Other Side.