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    I suppose that I might have enjoyed this a bit if I had followed Nick Fury in comics I didn t, but the author did a decent job of filling me in on details of aspects of the comic that I was unaware of All in all, this novel is mostly standard pulp fiction with a couple added ingredients The author tossed in a great deal of psychic espionage activities, which were utilized or attempted by a number of governments in reality and that I have read about here and there Another item that removed this from typical books of this style was the lack of sex There I said it In general, action nove...

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    Most of the first 70 pages involves two plane crashes I assume both are part of the same plan, but that is a lot of sameness, or if you prefer, not enough narrative variety What isn t about the crashes is mostly about a psychic, which figures since, I understand, the author claims to be p...

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    A fun fast read It s the old school Nick Fury as envisioned by Steranko, not the Ultimates version gruff, tough, and smoking cigars My only complaint was there was too much emphasis and reliance upon extra sensory powers I d have much preferred a po...

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    Forget about the Marvel Ultimates universe and Samuel Jackson and all the ensuing movie stuff I love the Kirby Steranko era of Nick Fury the best And, thankfully, that s what we get here Long live The Infinity Formula One complaint, however Contessa Valen...

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    Fun read.

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Nick Fury, Agent of Shield: Empyre (Nick Fury, Agent of Shield) Epub Nick Fury, Agent Of Shield Empyre Nick Fury, Agent Of Shield By Will Murray Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Tough, No Nonsense World War II Veteran Colonel Nick Fury, Is The Head Of SHIELD The UN S Crack Anti Terrorist Organization When A Series Of Planes Mysteriously Crash Culminating In The Disappearance Of An Empyre Airlines Jumbo Jet Suspicion Initially Points To The Involvement Of Terrorists In Hydra But Fury Soon Learns That The True Villain Is The Insane Leader Of The Nation Quorak Who Wants Nothing Less Than World Destruction.Now Fury Must Learn To Work With His Greatest Enemies In Order To Halt The Deadly Threat