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Richard III I Would Like To Come In Every Day For The Rest Of My Life And Film Richard III I Never Want It To Stop Sir Ian McKellen, One Of The Great Shakespeare Actors, Spent The Glorious Summer Of 1995 Fulfilling That Wish The Result Is A Breathtaking Piece Of Cinematography, Starring Ian McKellen And Written By Him With Richard Loncraine, The Director In Both His Introduction To The Screenplay And The Extensive Notes Which Run Parallel To The Text, Ian McKellen Describes The Genesis Of The Film, How The Royal National Theatre S Highly Praised Stage Production Of Richard III Was Transformed Into Two Hours Of Celluloid Magic He Explains Why This Richard III Is Set Squarely In The 1930s And Comments On The Advantages As Well As The Pitfalls Of Trying To Make Shakespeare Accessible To A General Cinema Audience And Finally He Gives An Insight Into The Way An Actor Prepares Himself, Both Physically And Mentally, To Play One Of Shakespeare S Greatest Villains Illustrated With Stunning Black And White Stills From The Film, This Book Provides A Fascinating And Intensely Personal View Of The Creation And Filming Of A Masterpiece Of Modern Cinema.

About the Author: Ian McKellen

Sir Ian McKellen is among the most highly acclaimed actors in the English speaking world His appearances on stage, on screen, and on television have been numerous He recently starred as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and recieved an Academy Award nomination for his performance in The Fellowship of the Ring.

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    An extremely easy read Each set of two pages contains a page from the script and the corresponding commentary.McKellen provides some great insight into his adaptation process and some behind the scenes information about reasons why things were cut.

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    This thing is awesome Richard s one of my favorite characters.Y know, I thought it was the Queen of Hearts who came up with Off with her head But I should ve known, it was Richard He says it at least twice.On the other hand, I assumed that Heads will r...

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    A great look at the conception and production of a terrific film.

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    For a long time, I considered myself a staunch opponent of setting the Shakespeare plays in times places other than how they were written I find myself divided these days Sure, there are some that don t work for me Luhrmann s Romeo Juliet, and Branagh s Love s Labors Lost, for example , but there are people doing amazing things with the plays One is Julie Taymor s Titus , which is strange and beautiful enough to break the mold Scotland, PA was a clever update on Macbeth Another is this version of Richard III, set in an alternate history type fascist England.The setting fits the play, and the adaptation is done amazingly well by actor Ian McKellen and director Richard Loncraine A fun bonus of the screenplay book is that McKellen has annotated it, telling the reader about the writing process and the production of the film.I m hoping that my McKellen bias doesn t cloud my judgment of the film, but I don t think it does This was the first film of his I ever saw, so my rab...

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