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A Matter Of Justice At The Turn Of The Century, In A War Taking Place Far From England, Two Soldiers Chance Upon An Opportunity That Will Change Their Lives Forever To Take Advantage Of It, They Will Be Required To Do The Unthinkable, And Then To Put The Past Behind Them But Not All Memories Are So Short.Twenty Years Later, A Successful London Businessman Is Found Savagely And Bizarrely Murdered In A Medieval Tithe Barn On His Estate In Somerset Called Upon To Investigate, Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge Soon Discovers That The Victim Was Universally Despised Even The Man S Wife Who Appears To Be His Wife In Name Only And The Town S Police Inspector Are Suspect But Who, Among The Many, Hated Him Enough To Kill Rutledge Tenaciously Follows A Well Concealed Trail Reaching Back To An Act So Barbarous And With Consequences So Devastating That Even The Innocent Are Enveloped By The Murderous Tide Of Events As He Summons All His Skills To Break Through A Wall Of Silence In Time To Stem This Tide, Others Are Eager To Twist The Truth For Their Own Ends When Justice Takes A Malevolent Turn, Can Rutledge S Own Career Survive

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    A fine mystery my first acquaintance with Inspector Ian Rutledge, and why I chose this book, 11 in the series, instead of 1 I don t know Once I got past the disconcerting voice of Hamish in Ian s head I thoroughly enjoyed his dogged pursuit ...

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    The plot line has its fascinations and complexity I felt Inspector Rutledge s frustrations as he pursued one dead end after another.However, the tension was seriously diminished by the disclosures in the beginning of the book The reader always knows than the detective, which eliminates the opportunity to guess who done it A serious problem, at ...

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    A London financial advisor named Quarles is respected and admired by his compatriots in the City, but he lives a different life altogether in the small village where he maintains a second home where he can rusticate to get away from business There, he is known as a man who pursues women against their wishes, often married women or very young girls He is just about universally hated by his neighbors there and so when he turns up dead in rather appalling circumstances, most of them will freely admit that they are glad he is dead and would have been happy to kill him themselves All of which does not make the work of the police investigating the crime any easier.The man was very important in the business world and lived as the local squire in the village and so when he is murdered the local constable calls on Scotland Yard for assistance If it means a trip to the provinces, it s another chance for his superior to get Inspector Ian Rutledge out of his hair and his sight for a while Rutledge is therefore dispatched to deal with the crime.There is a bit of a twist in the telling of this story At the beginning of the book, we meet Quarles and his later bus...

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    Until about page 280, I was totally engrossed I loved the way the suspects were presented and enjoyed the detective s The ending was what killed it meandering and uninteresting.

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    A MATTER OF JUSTICE Pol Proc Ian Rutledge England 1920 ExTodd, Charles Charles and Mary Todd 11th in seriesHarperCollins, 2009, ARC ISBN 9780061233593First Sentence Ronald Evering was in his study, watching a mechanical toy bank go through its motions, when the idea first came to him.During the Boar War, Harold Quarles committed a heinous act of cowardice, brutality and, along with a partner, greed Twenty years later, Inspector Ian Rutledge has been call to the town of Cambury The local constable found Quarles dead and hanging in his barn in a Christmas pageant rigging with angel wings In the local town, Rutledge finds a multitude of people who had no love of Quarles and are happy to see him dead In London, where Quarles did business, he seemed to have been liked and respected and liked Rutledge finds he needs to understand the victim to find the killer.Ian Rutledge is such a strong character He is prideful yet dedicated to justice while still dealing with his internal scars from WWI The secondary characters are numerous but strong and distinctive It is a st...

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    Ordinarly I love this series, but this one was disappointing The writers mother and son seemed to be hard pressed to fit Hamish in, and Rutlege moved for place to place to place looking for evidence The other characters felt squeezed in Plot An unloved son seeks revenge for the death of his older brother in the Boer War His mother has begged him to do so on her deathbed The ...

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    This is one of the early Charles Todd books I ve been reading them out of order and catching up with some of the earlier ones that I missed It s interesting to see how the character of Ian Rutledge progresses In this book it hasn t been long since Rutledge has come back to police work He hasn t learned how to control the voice of Hamish in his mind When a well known businessman who is also despised by the residents of the village where he has his country home is found murdered the police call in Scotland Yard The local detective in charge makes no bones about the fact that he despised the murdered man as much as anyone else On the other hand, he is well liked by his business associates in London and also well respected The book opens with a horrendous crime committed by the murdered man during the Boer War However, it s now post WWI England, so t...

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    Starting a book with a horrific crime and a relative bent on revenge might make it seem like the reader will know the solution in advance, but this book is sufficiently twisty to keep you guessing The ending is a bit convoluted and I m not sure I found Hamish consistent enough as a facet of Rutl...

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    I think this may be the best novel of the series that I have read I really enjoyed the ending with the multiple resolutions that truly solved the mystery I also felt Ian s turning to someone for help is a good sign that the first healing is beginning for him.

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    Three a half stars It s comforting to settle in with the familiar characters, including the wonderful small villages of England Great location, as always.

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