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A Fearsome Doubt Bestselling Author Charles Todd Has Earned A Special Place Among Mystery S Elite Writers With His Acclaimed Series Featuring Scotland Yard Inspector Ian Rutledge, A Former Soldier Seeking To Lay To Rest The Demons Of His Past In The Aftermath Of World War I But That Past Bleeds Into The Present In A Complex Murder Case That Calls Into Question His Own Honorand The Crimes Committed In The Name Of God, Country, And Righteous Vengeance.A Fearsome DoubtIn 1912 Ian Rutledge Watched As A Man Was Condemned To Hang For The Murders Of Elderly Women Rutledge Helped Gather The Evidence That Sent Ben Shaw To The Gallows And When Justice Was Done, Rutledge Closed The Door On The Case But Shaw Was Not Easily Forgotten.Now, Seven Years Later, That Grim Trial Returns In The Form Of Ben Shaw S Widow Nell, Bringing Rutledge Evidence She Is Convinced Will Prove Her Husband S Innocence It S A Belief Fraught With Peril, Threatening Both Rutledge S Professional Stature And His Faith In His Judgment But There Is A Darker Reason For Rutledge S Reluctance Murder Brings Him Back To Kent Where, Days Earlier, He D Glimpsed An All Too Familiar Face Beyond The Leaping Flames Of A Bonfire Soon An Unexpected Encounter Revives The End Of His Own War, As The Country Prepares For A Somber Commemoration On The Anniversary Of The Armistice To Battle The Unsettled Past And The Haunted Present At The Same Time Is An Appalling Mandate And The People Around Him Among Them The Attractive Widow Of A Friend, A Remarkable Woman Who Survived The Great Indian Mutiny A Bitter, Dying Barrister And A Man Whose Name He Never Knew Unwittingly Compete With The Grieving Nell Shaw They Ll Demand Than Rutledge Can Give, Unaware That He Is Already Carrying The Burden Of Shell Shock And The Voice Of Hamish MacLeod, The Soldier He Was Forced To Execute In The War The Killer In Marling Is Surprisingly Adept At Escaping Detection And Ben Shaw S Past Is A Tangle Of Unsettling Secrets That May Or May Not Be True Rutledge Must Walk A Tortuous Line Between Two Murderersone Reaching Out To Ruin Him, The Other Driven To Destroy Him From The Hardcover Edition.

About the Author: Charles Todd

Charles Todd is the pen name used by the mother and son writing team, Caroline Todd and Charles Todd Together they write the Ian Rutledge and Bess Crawford Series They have published two standalone mystery novels and many short stories.

10 thoughts on “A Fearsome Doubt

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    I can t read this series any The mystery solutions seem totally disconnected from the well drawn characters and fabulous writing style I just get so infuriated with the magic endings it s not worth it.

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    This one was kind of nerve wracking, but in a can t put this book down way I enjoyed the complications, the character of Inspector Rutledge trying to come to terms with his past, with the war, with the possibility of love, the frustr...

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    Number 6 in the Inspector Rutledge mystery series, and it s just as enjoyable as the previous five Well written, atmospheric post WWI period , and hard to solve before the pieces all fall together in the end.

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    A FEARSOME DOUBT VGTodd, Charles 6th of SeriesRutledge is taken aback when a persistent Nell Shaw brings him new evidence that could clear her late husband s name Had Rutledge and his fellow policemen inadvertently sent an innocent man to his death six years earlier Reconsidering the pre World War I case serves to distract the inspector from his current assignment determining who is killing maimed ex soldiers in the peaceful countryside in Kent Rutledge is sidetracked as well by his friendship with Elizabeth Mayhew, the widow of an old school chum Elizabeth s feelings for a mysterious stranger further complicate Rutledge s investigation.Rutledge investigates the murders of disa...

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    Penned by a son mother team, Charles Todd, I was told, wrote cozy mysteries Well, Inspector Rutledge of Scotland Yard does sip a lot of tea in London and rural England But this literate, somewhat melancholy crime fiction is grittier than I expected it to be The ghost of Hamish, Rutledge s dead soldier friend from the World ...

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    The weakest in the Rutledge series so far, Fearsome Doubt s big problem is that the A mystery makes little sense and the B mystery is really boring The writing is strong as always, but there are too many coi...

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    Okay, if the plots don t get better, I m giving up on these Good setting and characters do not make up for plots which don t tie together and get resolved out of nowhere in about the last ten pages of the book.

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    This is my favorite in the series so far I loved all the different story lines and how they were woven together I like how we are seeing of Ian in his personal relationships and learning about his past, and I love all the interesting characters.

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    This is the gap in my reading history of the Charles Todd Ian Rutledge series It s fairly early in the series The year is 1919 The one year armistice is coming up Rutledge, like so many veterans, is feeling anxious He decides to take some leave and visit friends who live in a quiet Kent County town Before he leaves, he is stopped by the widow of a man who he investigated for a series of murders The man was convicted and hung, but his widow claims that she has new evidence He promises to help her, but her plea causes him to feel guilty He s worried that he was wrong about the case which he took over from another detective While he is on leave, he attends a Guy Fawkes Day celebration and sees a face of a soldier who he thought was dead We learn later it s the face of a German officer When he comes back from his leave, he is sent back almost immediately to help solve a series of murders of veterans of the Great War The men came back not only wounded...

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    I am hooked on this series by Charles Todd I first read the Bess Crawford series by this author and enjoyed the very relatable characters, the WWI setting and the intriguing mysteries to be solved by our main characte...

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