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  • The Swords of Night and Day
  • David Gemmell
  • 21 March 2019
  • 9781845052959

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    The Swords of Night and Day The Drenai Saga 11 , David GemmellThe Swords of Night and Day is a fantasy novel by David Gemmell, as well as a pair of legendary swords within the book They also appear in Gemmell s book White Wolf The book is set 1000 years following the death of Olek Skilgannon Both swords are mirror poli...

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    Emotionally drained Phefuckinomenal I believe a nap is in order.

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    Not man or beast will prevent us Because we are Drenai The Last of the Drenai And we will not fail For me, the ultimate book in the Drenai Saga is a failed attempt to revive the Legend I finished the series with a pang of regret and a wish to un read both this novel and its predecessor.I am a firm believer in a principle that what dies should stay dead not only because I hate zombies and other undead creatures, but mainly because it is bad for the plot The main problem with the Swords of Night and Day is that it rests entirely on dead people and tries to resuscitate dead stories It means that heroes known from other books, long dead, are reborn in new bodies to have new adventures and fight new battles that somehow allude to the events that have already transpired I don t know what you call it, but I call it cheating Swords of Night and Day sports a full cast known from the previous instalment, and while you can start here without knowing the White Wolf, reading both gives you a full view on plots absurdity, mainly because it follows the same arc but takes it onto a new level of sheer idiocy The remake means that you will find slight alteration when it comes to power configuration and new secondary ...

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    This book, as with the series as a whole, is just good, solid, entertaining fantasy It is not very often you can have an eleven book series and hit solidly on every book, Gemmell does it with this series and this book fits right in.

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    Ultimo saluto Il congedo di saga riesuma le vestigia degli eroi del passato, convocati per l ultima volta affinch eroismo, seconde possibilit e la ricerca della dignit passino attraverso un riscatto individuale e collettivo.Godibile e scritto con la solita passione, nonostante una trama davvero risicata che carbura troppo tardi, spesso rea di inciampare in sciocchezze tranquillamente evitabili vedi l armatura disseppellita da un terremoto o il riflesso del tempio sulla lama anche le dinamiche pedisseque a quelle gi viste nei precedenti volumi non aiutano a corroborare lo scarso contenuto dell opera.Tolto quest ultimo tassello non propriamente ispirato, il viaggio all interno di questo ciclo merita di essere intrapreso da ogni amante del genere fantasy.Gli eroi di Gemmell sono semplicemente uomini.Possono essere assassini dal deprecabile passato che cercano di estinguere le loro perdite nel sangue, con la speranza che un nemico sia pi forte di loro e la faccia finita possono essere avidi, brutti e sporchi avvoltoi che desiderano fama, gloria, soldi, donne ed eterna riconoscenza, per poi ritrovarsi cenere fra le mani possono essere animi puri gettati in un mondo di sciacalli e, da l , costretti a diventare peggiori dei cattivi che venivano raccontati loro nelle fiabe, da piccoli oppure, semplicemente, disattendere pro...

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    This was not my first David Gemmell book I already knew I loved this author for his vivid descriptions, intensely real characters and wonderfully action packed and emotionally brilliant stories However, when I read it I had not read the previous books about Druss the Legend or Skilgannon the Damned At this point in time I have read ALL of them, and though I recommend them all, the Swords of Night and Day is...

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    3.5 rounding down.This continues, and completes, Skulgannon s story line I m glad I read it but it felt overlong at times I enjoyed seeing the stereotypes shattered.

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    7.5 10The Swords of Night and Day is the second book featuring Skillgannon the Damned and the last one in the Drenai saga In this book Gemmell takes us a thousand years after White Wolf , in a very different world filled with hybrid monsters and immortal humans, and in a story of love, friendship and sacrifice.A thousand years have passed since Skilgannon died, a thousand years he was lost in the Void fighting monsters and demons but now, he s been given a second chance to try and find the redemption that he seeks.Only that the world he has returned is very different from the one he knew, as humanity struggles to survive for centuries under the reign of the immortal Eternal, the worst enemy they have ever faced, and her hybrid monsters.But it has been prophesied that when a great hero returns the reign of the Eternal will come to an end.This fate will fall in the hands of Skilgannon and with the help of Harad the Axeman, though not yet a legend, they will have to try and find a way to destroy her and her magic Only that their adventures will not be easy as on the way Skilgannon will discover something that he didn t expect he would ever saw again, and will make their task even difficult.I have to say the story didn t hold me as much as in White Wolf because it felt somewhat similar, and maybe a little with some stuff from Legend too although I loved Stavut and h...

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    This was a typical Gemmell book which is a good thing , and it was nice seeing several favorite characters one time That said, I thought the previous book was a satisfying ending to the series.

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About the Author: David Gemmell

David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy A former journalist and newspaper editor, Gemmell had his first work of fiction published in 1984 He went on to write over thirty novels Best known for his debut, Legend, Gemmell s works display violence, yet also explores themes in honour, loyalty and redemption With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sel