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The Coming of the Horseclans Prophecy Written In Blood After Two Hundred Years Of Seaching For Other Immortals, The Undying High Lord Milo Morai Has Returned To The Horseclans To Fulfill An Ancient Prophecy And Lead Them To Their Destined Homeland By The Sea But In Their Path Wait The Armed Might Of The Ehleenee And An Enemy Even Treacherous The Witchmen Pre Holocaust Scientists Who Have Survived The Centuries By Stealing Other Men S Bodies To House Their Evil Minds And Who Have In Their Hidden Stronghold The Means Of Destroying All Who Will Not Become Their Willing Slaves Can Even Milo Save The Horseclans From The Bloodthirsty Ehleenee And The Malevolent Witchmen Who Would Rip Him To Shreads To Discover His Secret Of Immortality

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 199 pages
  • The Coming of the Horseclans
  • Robert Adams
  • English
  • 23 May 2019
  • 9780708881231

About the Author: Robert Adams

Franklin Robert Adams August 31, 1933 January 4, 1990 was an American science fiction and fantasy writer, formerly a career soldier He is best known for his Horseclans books He wrote as Robert Adams, an abbreviated form of his full name Adams was an early pioneer of the post holocaust novel His Horseclans novels are precursors to many of today s attempts at this type of story, many of wh

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths The Coming of the Horseclans and the series it spawns series by Robert Adams no relation to yours truly is a post apocalyptic, pulp fiction series that doesn t take itself too seriously It is about gory battles, psychic animals, a brutal world, and larger than life heroes and villains Or as the author himself put it The following tale is a fantasy, pure and simple It is a flight of sheer imagination It contains no hidden meanings, and none should be read into it none of the sociological, economic, political, religious, or racial messages with which far too many modern novels abound are herein contained The Coming of the Horseclans is, rather, intended for the enjoyment of any man or woman who has ever felt a twinge of that atavistic urge to draw a yard of sharp, flashing steel and with a wild war cry recklessly spur a vicious stallion against impossible odds.The tale is set in a 27th century post apocalyptic America, where a past nuclear and biological war has completely transformed the world The protagonist Milo of Morai, a mutant from the 20th century, has survived all these centuries, returning now to the horseclans he helped create to fulfill his own prophecy by leading them to their ancestral homeland Well, sort of Naturally, the journey is fraught with danger, as the clans cross a near unrecognizable America where decadent city dwellers, other Immortals, and vicious survival rules the day.What drew me t...

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    Reread May 2017 I was an avid follower of Robert Adams Horseclans novels when they first came out in the late 70s early 80s, 1 though my interest began to flag as I grew older and grew less and less comfortable with Adams raging homophobia That and I was growing away from the simplistic military sf that the Horseclans novels were a part of Even so, I came to regret leaving my copies at my mother s when we cleaned out the house after her death So I surrendered to nostalgia recently and downloaded the Kindle versions of books 1 and 7, Horseclans Odyssey, the two I remembered as being my favorites.The premise of the series is simple enough Toward the end of the 20th century, a nuclear and biological holocaust along with some natural disasters destroyed our civilization Milo Morai is a mutant an immortal creature with Wolverine like regenerative powers He rescues a group of orphans in Los Angeles, taking them east into the Great Plains, where he lays the groundwork for their culture a mix of Native and Mongolian nomadic traditions that would stand them in good stead in the world s new circumstances He also left them a prophecy that a leader would take them back to Ehlai at some time He then left to find a reputed island where other immortals had gathered Several centuries later, he returns to the Horseclans, who have come to dominate...

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    Fans of military fantasy with Sword Sorcery traits will enjoy this David Gemmell and Karl Wagner were better writers, but fans of theirs would enjoy this opener of the Horseclans series The premise is ostensibly apocalyptic sci fi, but really it appears as a gritty epic fantasy i.e no bullets or lasers or machines, just barbarian hordes, swords and some muta...

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    The first in the Horseclans series I give it four stars mainly for that It s a good story but probably 3 and a half stars might be a better rating I m not a big fan of undying heroes since it seems relatively easy to be a hero if you don t have to worry about actually getting killed.

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    Review originally appeared in FantasyLiterature.com After two centuries, the undying High Lord Milo Morai has returned to the Horseclans to lead them to their prophesied destiny First they must conquer their enemies and the Witchmen pre holocaust scientists who have continued living by transplanting their minds into stolen bodies.I stole most of that synopsis from the back of the book, because I only made it to page sixty nine, the end of chapter six, and I still hadn t gotten to the meat of the story.I ve wanted to get my hands on a copy of The Coming of the Horseclans for a while now When I was a kid, I remember seeing these books on the grocery store magazine shelves or drugstore spinner racks, and later on at the mall bookstores in the Men s Adventure section I was already a fan of Conan and some other lesser known sword sorcery heroes, and just the name, Horseclans, stirred my blood Add that to the exciting cover illustrations, which I now know were done by Ken Kelly, and I can t explain why I never picked one up back then Most likely, I was just broke So, I really wanted to like this book and follow the rest of the series, which is eighteen books total.However, my nostalgia for old books I hadn t read didn t prove strong enough to carry me through The two prologues that s right, two, titled Prologue I and Prologue II were sheer torture to re...

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    I ve heard about the Horseclans novels for some time, first in Maureen Birnbaum Barbarian Swordsperson a send up, obviously and then from other sources So when I saw quite a beat up copy at a library sale, I had to pick it up.This first novel is interesting, so far as Future Regressed fantasy novels go The characters occasionally do telling than I d like to appraise this or that listener and the reader of this or that bit of history, but I suppose Adams has to get the notes he s built the novel on across to us somehow.There s some homophobia involved, but Adams does have one character claim the vilified characters are practicing a perversion of his race s Greek customs Really, what s being decried is mainly child rape Interestingly, though, apparently heterosexual rape is okay, so long as the victim is of a proper age.All in all, I don t know h...

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    I found the contents of this book so foul that I have refused to read another single word by this author for the decades since I read it I would rate it zero stars if the platform allowed it I have cherished books since the age of si...

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    It lost me at the line about the captive women taken by the hero s warband being well raped NOPE I can t just give it a single star because it may get better, it may subvert that, it may critique that, but so far it hasn t and I m done.

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    Ok, I haven t read these in 30 years, and I m getting ready to read them again, so I may change this rating Others have explained the storyline I want to talk about why it was great to me, as a young adult, reading this author This was one of the most influential series to me in my teen days After Lord of the Rings, The Belgariad, and the Hitchhiker s series, it still stands among my favorites to this day Perhaps not for the high quality of the writing so much as what I learned from the author It has always bothered me when someone says after having read a book, or having given up on one, that There are chapters that don t mean anything, or What was the point of that scene or The author loves to fill space with unnecessary trivial information, or There were flashbacks that were unnecessary I think to myself, do these people understand that they are reading fiction, and not Non Fiction This guy Robert Adams got it, though, and was instrumental in teaching me the truth at a very young age that fictional stories don t have to mean anything And every chapter doesn t have to stay on a single linear track towards the end and make a point They are not essays They exist purely for entert...

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    The Horseclans series is probably the best blend of fantasy and SiFi I have ever read Pretty much something for everyone in these books Great characters, epic storyline, fantastic writings My highest recommendation

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