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American Indian History This Reader From The Uncovering The Pastseries Provides A Comprehensive Introduction To American Indian History.Over 60 Primary Documents Allow The Voices Of Natives To Illuminate The American Past Includes Samples Of Native Languages Just Above The Full Translations Of Particular Texts Provides Comprehensive Introductions And Headnotes, As Well As Images, An Extensive Bibliography, And Suggestions For Further Research Includes Such Texts As A Decoded Maya Inscription, Letters Written During The French And Indian War On The Distribution Of Small Pox Blankets, And A Diatribe By General George Armstrong Custer Shortly Before He Was Killed At The Battle Of The Little Big Horn

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    This is a nice little reader full of many historical documents with good introductions that my Native American Voices class used as a supplement to Colin Calloway s First Peoples A Documentary Survey of American Indian History If you r...

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