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Dead Men's Boots You Might Think That Helping A Friend S Widow To Stop A Lawyer From Stealing Her Husband S Corpse Would Be The Strangest Thing On Your To Do List But Life Is Rarely That Simple For Felix Castor.A Brutal Murder In King S Cross Bears All The Hallmarks Of A Long Dead American Serial Killer, And It Takes Good Sense Than Castor Possesses Not To Get Involved He S Also Fighting A Legal Battle Over The Body If Not The Soul Of His Possessed Friend, Rafi, And Can T Shake The Feeling That His Three Problems Might Be Related With The Help Of The Succubus Juliet And Paranoid Zombie Data Fence Nicky Heath, Castor Just Might Have A Chance Of Fitting The Pieces Together Before Someone Drops Him Down A Lift Shaft Or Rips His Throat Out.Or Not.

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    I think this novel deserves a good long run and a mighty jump the waters might be cold, but it s like Fix says about death You get used to it real damn quick.This world of mystery continues along its deep mystery roots, including such near caricatures of women that it nearly passes through to the other side, as if through death, to become something utterly strange and familiar Femme Fatale Try Femme Demonic, and you ll be on solid, unconsecrated grounds and wishing you d paid just a little attention to what your mother tried to tell you about dem women.I m not just talking about Juliet I m talking about all undead women forced into poltergeist holding patterns of serial murder But don t assume you ll really guess the un beating heart of this locked room mystery Things tend to shift and slide as in all good mysteries, but it can get awfully complicated when you throw in immortal demons feeding on lusts or rarified murders, zombies being brutally mistreated by uncaring main characters, or plain old sympathies for the devil Welcome to the jungle I have to admit I like this one better than the pr...

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    3.5 rounding up I think I enjoyed the plot of this one the most there are serious stakes and some interesting tidbits from London s criminal history Some good wins in this one for our heroes, too.

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    This was another terrific book by Mike Carey It s a pleasure to read a book written by such a talented author His use of language is just a step above most authors When he describes a scene, I see it clearly His descriptions are original and extremely vivid He uses language in an extraordinary way unfortunately I can t describe it was well as he does it I put a few references in my comments, but I d have to quote almost every page to capture the number of times I was amazed and impressed.The story continues the tale of Felix Castor as he gets wrapped up in another adventure through his job as a spiritual adviser Fix used to be an exorcist, but he now feels uncomfortably aware that he doesn t know where he s sending the ghosts he exorcises, so has an uneasy relationship with his skills and basic nature I think the book would work well as a stand alone, but it helps to know Fix and his back story This tale is dark, funny, thoughtful, mysterious with a touch of adventure Felix is still a bit of a mystery to me, sort of a typical mystery lead male character, sarcastic, stubborn on a case, loyal to his friends, and reluctantly heroic There are several stories in this book that weave together to a satisfying whole, with some nice foreshadowing of an even bigger story to come The parts about Felix s fr...

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    4.5Felix Fix Castor, ex exorcist and provider of spiritual services no, he doesn t know what it means either is having woman troubles, and not just romantic ones Sure, after the events of Vicious Circle, Pen, his unrequited love interest, isn t speaking to him, and Juliet, demonic succubus and his unrequited lust interest, has a committed relationship with another woman, but he has far problems than that Pen has gotten him embroiled in a nasty court case over his demonically possessed friend Rafi, all while trying to ignore his existence Carla Gittings, widow of another exorcist, is being haunted by the angry geist of her late husband and has enlisted Fix s help If that weren t enough, Fix has been hired by a distressed wife to prove that her husband didn t commit a murder an extremely dead psychopathic American murderess did it instead As I said Woman troubles As Fix begins to try to make sense of the situation, he begins to think that the cases are related and that Carla Gittings husband may have stumbled into a horrific conspiracy of murder and possession As Fix s involvement brings him to the attention of some of the most deadly antagonists he has yet faced, it s time to follow The gospel according to Castor, Chapter 1, Verse 1 When...

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    I really enjoy the mystery aspect of these books the mix of mystery, ghosts, zombies, and demons is really fun I also liked seeing Juliet this book.

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    One of my personal faves in the series.

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    Castor s cases get mixed up again and he and Juliet end up investigating the suicide and subsequent haunting of a fellow exorcist along with a vicious rape and murder by someone who may be innocent than he appears.I think I m done with this series Castor becomes increasingly less likable to me as the series continues, so the stakes keep getting lower His primary means of interacting with people, including his friends, is by bullying and even he doesn t even particularly like his friends unless they can do something for him or they re involved in somethi...

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    Third installment of Felix Castor series The blurb advertises it as three cases in which Castor gets hopelessly tangled even though he should know better Not very promising however, the reader should know better than to trust a blurb The book s main plot, however, focuses on only two of these cases, while the other provides some sort of backstory which looks completely useless I guess it s needed as a base for future development, since Castor novels are not standalones in their own might, but some threads carry on between volumes.This time Castor is hired to get to the truth behind brutal murder that looks like crimes committed by serial killer who died 40 years ago As he digs in, he uncovers a whole lot than he hoped to find.This volume is much darker than previous ones There are moments that involve horror and thriller than supernatural or mystery Usually I don t like the it s a world wide conspiracy type of plot, but here it was executed really well There was only one issue that wasn t addressed by the author but maybe the consequences will be presented in the next volume.The one thing that I really like...

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    Another entertaining supernatural noir mystery featuring hard luck exorcist Felix Castor Those like me who were disappointed at Juliet s near absence in the last novel, will be happy to find she has a far greater presence this time round.

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    Good continuation of this series in which Felix finds himself helping the widow of another exorcist, who killed himself Of course, nothing s as it seems and everything gets much complicated I did catch a couple of continuity errors, which I always find distracting.

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