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TokyoScope: The Japanese Cult Film Companion Didja Know That Samuel L Jackson S Biblical Speech In Pulp Fiction Was Borrowed From The Brain Damaged Sonny Chiba Karate Flick The Bodyguard Or That The Design For The Smog Monster In Godzilla Vs The Smog Monster Was Based On A Bathroom Sketch Of Female Anatomy TokyoScope The Japanese Cult Film Companion Is The First Book Of Its Kind An Elegantly Designed, Engagingly Written Introduction To The World Of Japanese Pop Films Covering Godzilla, Karate, Gangster, Horror, Japan S Infamous Pink Movies, And Much.

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    A light overview of a bunch of Japanese exploitation genres kaiju films, yakuza films, pinky violence, disaster films, as well as in depth profiles of Sonny Chiba, Kinji Fukasaku, Takashi Miike and other major figures Nothing is covered in too much detail, but it s a good overview of Japane...

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    I wouldn t call myself an expert on Japanese movies, but I do get to every movie festival I can that has Asian features a great one the Philapdelphia film festival and their Action Asia selections I regularly scan the gray market and grab at whatever tickles my fancy even remotely But this book still provided me with an education I...

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    This book is great if you can get the films Portland is a very film friendly city with great video stores, but I have had quite a bit of difficulty getting my hands on several of the films reviewed.

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    A very good rundown of the various stripes of Japanese film, though there are a few occasions where it feels like Macias is recommending certain films ironically.

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    Amazingly, awesomely demented fieldguide to Japanese cult movies A personal inspiration.

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    Not really an overview of Japanese cult films but of a love letter from a fan.

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