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The Archaeology Book Lobbying For A Reformating Of Archaeological Findings To Fit Into A Strict Biblical Chronology, Short Chapters Look At Egypt, Hittites, Ur, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Petra, The Phoenicians, The Dead Sea Scrolls, And Israel Written By Australian Missionary David Down, Short Excerpts Of His Travels Are Included As Well Full Color Pages With Photographs Of The Sites And Artifacts 96 Pages With Glossary Index Hardcover.

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    As a kid, I had many backyard archaeological adventures, that in my childhood mind rivaled the excitement of the most recent Indiana Jones movie Fortunately, my love of archaeology was than just a passing boyhood fascination It is an interest and passion that has stuck with me all the way into adulthood Being somewhat of a self proclaimed Bible nerd, archaeology of the Ancient Near East has always been a pet subject As a homeschooling father, I have been searching for age appropriate resources to introduce my children to the exciting history and archaeology of the peoples of the Ancient Near East Unfortunately my college archaeology textbooks just won t do as they are way too wordy for my 8 year old and don t have nearly enough pictures let alone color pictures for my 5 year old For some time now, I have been on the lookout for a book with engaging color pictures, maps and drawings as well as biblically relevant content that is accessible for a broad range of age groups The Archaeology Book published by Master Books is exactly the type of resource I have been looking for.The Archaeology Book is the latest addition to the Wonders of Creation series One distinct enhancement in this book over previous books...

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    The Archaeology Book is educational nonfiction about archaeology, with a focus on Bible related archaeology, for grades 5 8 The full color photographs of ancient ruins, digs, etc., were lovely, and the maps were useful I liked the David Downs Journal sections which told of his experiences while on digs Other archaeologists were also quoted describing a find or commenting on archaeology There was a glossary in the back, though most words were either explained in the text or could be figured out from the context.The book started with information on archaeology, like how a dig is laid out, what archaeologists look for, what that tells them, how layers are given a date, and why there can be controversy among archaeologists about the interpretation of a find Then the book covered various Middle Eastern civilizations Israel, Egypt, the Hittites, Ur, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Petra, and the Phoenicians It told how the civilization was found again by archaeologists, where the civilization was located, and information about those kings mentioned in the Bible or Biblical events related to that civilization For those who care, the author s alignment of ancient civilizations to the Bible was based...

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    As book one in my history curriculum this year, I was very excited when I started reading this, and discovered I really loved it I found the chapters to be just the right length not to long, not to short and the information was retainable, and also enjoyable There is a parent book that goes with this that has the worksheets, quizzes, and test for this book along with the others in this course I found the worksheets good, along with the quizzes In the worksheets there was extra homework , which I found I liked because it challenged me One of the challenges I liked the most was to go to the library and find a book on the Hebrew alphabet, and learn all the letters if possible, and some words or phrases Another I liked was looking up Psalm 119, and seeing that for every 8 verses, there was a Hebrew letter I applaud David Down for the excellent j...

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    Written with multi level grades in mind, this book makes learning basic archaeology interesting Full color photos on each page keeps the most inattentive learner active.

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    Very interesting book I wish their had been DD s journal segments, those were fascinating.

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