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The Fifth Queen: And How She Came to Court This Work Has Been Previously Published And Carefully Edited By Humans To Be Read Digitally On Your EReader Please Enjoy This Historical And Classic Work All Of Our Titles Are Only 99 Cents And Are Formatted To Work With The Nook Also, If It Is An Illustrated Work, You Will Be Able To See All Of The Original Images This Makes Them The Best Quality Classic Works Available For The Lowest Price So Enjoy This Classic Work As If It Were The Original Book

10 thoughts on “The Fifth Queen: And How She Came to Court

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    I was going to buy some modernist books, like The Stranger and The Plague etc, when I went on a free shopping spree aka I went to Project Gutenberg and saw this under the new arrivals I wanted to read this ever since I found out that they exist 4 whole months At one point, I even took it out of the library while I was still studying in England Did I mention I have an artistic crush on FMF He is my modernist bae Either way, these books totally threw my plans out of the window and like a geek I am, I was super excited to spend my holiday reading about King Henry VIII s fifth wife And I was kinda disappointed It was good, it was interesting but for some reason it felt like a play with extended descriptions He got the language right, but it felt like he got the rest wrong It was incongruous and distracted me from the plot, that to be honest I still don t get Who are these people, what kind of plot are they trying to not uncover Like h...

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    Wow what a circus king Henry the eighth court was I did find Catherine written way to naively.

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    Even though Ford s version of Catherine bears no relation to the historical version, he tells a very plausible story To me the real character of the story lies in the royal court itself Dark, ominous, threatenin...

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    Early Ford when is last name was still Hueffer is universally pretty bad Makes you wonder what happened to turn him into one of the finest authors of the 20th century decades later This one is part of is series on the life and wives of Henry VIII, one of Ford s cumbersome, histrio...

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    Completely fictionalized account of Katharine Howard and how she gained the attention of King Henry VIII, but enjoyable nonetheless The characters speak with the manner and vocabulary of their time so I was sometimes a little lost, but...

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    I did enjoy the book, and it left me wanting Ford takes an interesting view of the fifth queen who some have labeled a mere juvenile delinquent In Ford s book, she is intelligent, devout, and self confident all which will prove her undoing

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