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Skugga-Baldur O Ano 1883 A Fria E Irreal Paisagem Do Inverno Island S O Pano De Fundo Seguimos O Padre, Baldur Skuggason, Na Sua Persegui O Enigm Tica Raposa Azul E No Momento Em Que O Padre Prime O Gatilho Somos Transportados Para O Mundo Do Naturalista Fridrik B Fridriksson E Da Sua Protegida, Abba, Que Sofre Da S Ndrome De Down Quando Ela Foi Encontrada Acorrentada S Vigas De Um Navio Naufragado Em 1868, Fridrik Fora Casualmente Em Seu Socorro O Destino De Todas Estas Personagens Est Intrinsecamente Ligado E, A Pouco E Pouco, De Um Modo Surpreendente, Revelado Neste Fascinante Romance Que Contrap E Po Tica Viol Ncia Da Natureza A Barbaridade Dos Homens.

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    I have seen the universe, it is made of poems. All things change nothing perishes. OvidIt always astonishes me when a book can create a vast amount of power and meaning out of such little story and length Set amid the snow and ice of an Icelandic winter, Sj n s The Blue Fox, winner of the 2005 Nordic Council Literature Prize, is as still and quiet as a coffin yet holds a horrific truth inside Sj n masterfully laces two stories together, one of Reverend Baldur s fateful hunt for a blue fox and the other looping through the life of Fridrik Fridj nsson as he must bury a young girl whom he has been caring for, crisscrossing across space and time like a shoelace looping upward on a boot what appears as two separate ideas stringing themselves together is really two ends of the same bootlace working towards a purpose far greater than itself With succinct prose that is both serene and sinister, The Blue Fox is an impressive interlacing of lives, as well as fables and reality, that dredge up the dar...

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    jeff vandermeer s drawing of the cover the first sentence of the book s description on the back cover of my copy is Set against the stark backdrop of the Icelandic winter, an elusive, enigmatic fox leads a hunter on a transformative quest.which is itself an elusive, vague sentence, but it is also the most cheekily appropriate summary one you don t really appreciate until after you ve read the book which you should do because i m not sure how to review this responsibly, without giving away the farm it s only 115 pages, and the first 1 3 is made up brief paragraphs clustering in the center of the page, surrounded by a tundra of white space which is a perfectly fitting presentation for its events, as a hunter tracks a blue fox through the snow, miles from civilization with nothing to see but snow, rocks, and the occasional glimpse of his quarry the book is divided into four parts I January 9 11 1883II January 8 9, 1883III January 11 17, 1883IV March 23, 1883and the events contained therein bleed into each other, giving slow revealed context to the relationships between the characters and the darkly ironic repercussions of their d...

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    Transformation.I was getting worried in my own way I had finished two books and written reviews for neither, started on a third, was reading test pages from a fourth view spoiler Sommerregen der Liebe hide spoiler

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    Hmm I bought this just because it sounded interesting, and it made me remember why I stopped doing that The synopsis was better than the book There were so many characters with different names that it got confusing, the format was discombobulated, it was pretty hard to understand and in general I just didn t understand the cohes...

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    A Self Righteous AsideSearching for images of a Blue Fox is disturbing Here is a non disturbing picture but for just about every photo of fox in the wild, there is a creepy drawing of cartoonish blue vixen with big boobs, or even worse pictures of fattened and depressed looking foxes being kept in cages awaiting their murder for their fur, dead foxes having been killed for their fur, or well the end result of their murder Now murder might be a harsh word, and some people believe fur is right to people to wear, but is this fucking necessary There is something disgustingly wasteful about the existence of fur covered USB drives We are a wasteful and disgusting species ReviewA.S Byatt claims this book to be lyrical and comical I think A.S Byatt and I have differing opinions about what comical means I m not sure exactly what she finds comical in this book, I think she might be meaning some cosmic irony type of humor, the sort of dark stuff that God would laugh about, if there were a God and he needed to be entertained by making people and anim...

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    This Icelandic novella set in the late 19th century, is part historical fiction, part folktale or fantasy that blue fox does some amazing things , part morality tale in recounting a two fold story of the Reverend hunter and Herbalist Fridrik Also integral is Abba, or Hafdis, a young woman with Downs, who lives with Fridrik Their story is the warm heart of this tale.There is also some beautiful, and sometimes humorous, prose The night was cold and of the longer variety. p 14 The rim of daylight was fading In the halls of heaven it was now dark enough for the Aurora Borealis sisters to begin their lively dance of the veils With an enchanting play of colors they flitted light and quick about the great stage of the heavens, in fluttering golden dresses, their tumbling pearl necklaces scattering here and there in their wild caperings ...

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    Ovo je lijep i poeti an, kratak roman, ali bio bi jo i bolji da je duljeg formata Taman kad sam se u ivjela u knjigu, pohvatala likove i surovi islandski krajolik, puf, kraj Pa sad ne znam, jedna od onih knjiga kojima bi istovremeno dala i 1 i 5, to me prili no frustrira Pa zato zlatna sredina.

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    Magn s r Sigmundsson slandsvindar Sj n 1962 2013

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