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    Although I have indeed found the featured topic of Elizabeth Chesley Baity s Americans Before Columbus interesting, and while I certainly did not expect this book to be current and thus in any manner up to date with regard to historical, scientific facts and details seeing that it was published in 1951 and is also seemingly long out of print , the often rather at best questionable science and historical, stereotypical assumptions presented by the author as facts really do tend to make me continuously cringe, and to the point that I am actually now only considering but one star for Americans Before Columbus And while I do in fact still believe that the author, that Elizabeth Chesley Baity has actually tried to make a good, honourable and yes, also for its time period an at least marginally, partially respectful to Native Americans concerted effort, I personally would still ONLY recommend Americans Before Columbus with major and problematic caveats, with major and painful reservations, and would NOT in any manner suggest that the intended audience, that older children above the age of eleven or twelve simply peruse this book on their own that Americans Before Columbus really should only ever be read with adult supervision, guidance and much discussion and debate, preferably in a monitored and guided classroom setting.Now one of my main and definitely my most infuriating issues with Americans Before Colum...

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    I thought it was interesting history of pre columbian America, but there are some major problems with inaccuracies Basically, the author is wrong a lot and any real scientist, even at the time this book was written, would see it immediately.First, it is clear that the author doesn t know anything about geology For example, she claims that part of the reason people may have migrated from the Andes at one point about 1000 years ago is because the mountains were rising too rapidly But rapidly rising mountains is like millimeters per year, meaning that during the 300 years the particular civilization was there the mountain may have risen a foot or two not enough to affect anything She also claimed that the rising Rocky Mountains created the entire Southwest desert since the arrival of the American Indians Yeah, they don t rise that fast In fact, the Rockies are actually lowering and any geologist could have told that to the author.She also seems to carry on the horrible idea that if your ancestors were farmers that it is somehow in your blood, and the generations they farmed even if it hasn t been in your family for h...

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    It was boring The author also tended to jump around much than I think was necessary, she couldn t focus on one people or time period for very long before hopping over to something else I did, however, love that she was able to make it seem like the Spanish coming was an immediate consequent of what the group of people was doing at the time The Aztecs start to go really crazy with the sacrifices, killing in large...

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    I got through 85 pages of this book before I put it down and asked myself, Why am I still reading this This book, even though it was only written 50 years ago is horribly outdated Some of the things that are proclaimed as fact have now been found to be false or misleading I didn t get anything out of this book and didn t want to spend a couple hours reading the next 200 pages learning bits and pieces of information that was wrong There are so many ...

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    I shouldn t mark this one as read, since I barely read a few pages out of it But I want to get it off my list I skipped ahead to a section or two I was most interested in but the book just didn t hold a lot of appeal for me So after reading those few pages I set it aside.

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    A few things are dated although a lot is basic My sense would be to find a recent and up to date read for youngsters.