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Songbird The Voice Of An Angel, A Husband Who Loved Her She Had It All Until A Tragedy Took It AwayA Linger StoryThey Called Her Their Songbird, But She Was Never Theirs Not In The Way She Wanted The Donovan Brothers Meant Everything To Emily, But Rejected By Greer And Taggert, She Turned To Sean, The Youngest He Married Her For Love, And She Loved Him, But She Also Loved His Older Brothers Her Singing Launched Her To Stardom She Had It All The Voice Of An Angel, A Husband Who Loved Her, And The Adoration Of Millions Until A Tragedy Took It All Away Taggert And Greer Grieve For Their Younger Brother, But They Re Also Grieving The Loss Of Emmy, Their Songbird They Take Her Back To Montana, Determined To Help Her Heal And Show Her Once And For All They Want Her They Re Also On A Mission To Help Her Find Her Voice Again Under The Protective Shield Of Their Love, She Begins To Blossom Until An Old Threat Resurfaces Now The Donovans Face A Fight For What They Once Threw Away Only By Winning It And Her Love Will Their Songbird Fly Again Warning Explicit Sex, M Nage A Trois, Multiple Partners, A Committed Polyamorous Relationship, Adult Language, And Sweet Loving

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    If you re planning to read this book you had best get used to all the flying bird references now So I ll do my best to break you in Growing up in Montana with a strict conservative father was difficult for Emmy, especially when all she wanted to do was spread her wings and sing her heart out Emmy used to escape to the Donovan Mountain Pass Ranch whenever she was able to sneak past her disapproving father and within the protective bubble of the Donovan brothers, Emmy nurtured her childlike adoration into a woman s love for Taggert, Greer and Sean Once her ticket to singing stardom was assured, Emmy hoped to fulfill all her childhood dreams by going to her home away from home and asking the brothers to love her, as she s always loved them Unfortunately, her dream is not only left unfulfilled, they are shattered by Taggert and Greer s shocked and cutting rejection of her She runs away, only to be met by Sean who agrees to leave with her, and the two of them indulge in a wonderful yet shortlived romance For someone is disgusted by Emmy and her dreams of loving three brothers And when that disgust ends in the murder of Sean, this songbird cages herself away for a year, slowly losing the will to live It s o...

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    3.75 StarsThe Donovan brothers have come into the city for one thing and one thing only to get Emily their songbird.Emily is hiding from not only the here and now but also from her dead husband s brothers After making some harsh choices years earlier she is now feel guilty and like she has nothing let Taggert and Greer have found her to prove her wrong The brother are torn about a decision they made years ago and know they have to make it right and do it now With Emily care and well being uppermost in their mind they throw caution to the wind and let her know all the things they wanted to tell her but never had the guts to do so.Something had to give with Emily and hearing those words from Taggert and Greer is a defining moment but is it one that any of these three can survive because something sinister is lying await just for the day that Emily comes back and she is definitely back.When I read Ms Banks COLTER S WOMAN a few years ago I fell in love with her writing style as well as her gift for putting relationships together that seem not to have a ghost of a chance of survival I have been having a love hate thing happening with me and her last set of books and SONGBIRD fall in the not doing it for me category There was no way I was not going to read it though because, come on it a Maya Banks I had to read it The story was mostly centred on the emotional journey of Emily and the brothers pulling up their sock to r...

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    I m gonna start by saying that this will be the 11th maya banks book I ve read and I have loved the other 10 but this was just awful I hated the characters I hated the story lines even the smut was rubbish is this someone posing as Maya cus it s just absolute dross sorry

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    3.0 RATING An okay menage Definitely not great Kind of cheesy but a quick read and one I ve been meaning to check out for a while This isn t one I d recommend There s just too many better ones out there Borrowed thru SCRIBD but the formatting was off which made it difficult to read.

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    I ve read a few books by Maya Banks before and I liked them most of the times The first m nage romance I read was her Colters Woman, I think That was a hot read that I enjoyed quite a bit Songbird is another one of her m nage stories Again it involves some hot ranching brothers Originally there were three siblings, like in Colters Woman, but in this story one of them died an early and violent death He was the one who was married to the heroine, Emmy She loves all three of the brothers but the older two rejected her a few years back Now with their younger brother dead, those brothers came to take Emmy back home and help her get over her grief So far, the ingredients are promising And the first third of the story was promising too The characters were introduced, their feelings explained and their relationship was gradually developing into something beautiful Emmy s grief was heart wrenching and the brothers were adorable in their behavior and insecurities.However, the first thing that bugged me a little bit and took my out of the story was a description of Greer s appearance If it was done somewhere at the start of the story, it would ve been okay, but now it came at a moment that I d already made my own mental picture of the guys Suddenly he s described as bulky and the shorte...

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    I m not a fan of this m nage, especially considering it included brothers Not my thing Once this got to the m nage part I quickly skimmed to finish it up.

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    It was mostly a very melancholic and erotic story I feel it lacked substance, though it did touch base on realistic reactions from society on such a controversial relationship.

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    While this story is short, Ms Banks packs a lot into it I would also suggest that you keep some tissues handy because their are several moments that will have you crying I do wish there had been a little better explanation for why the bad guy did what he did I know that in real life there...

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    I liked the story, but I was a little confused because I don t see how after losing her husband and locking herself in her apartment for a year and being pretty much numb and not really living just going through the motions, Emily could go back home with her ex husba...

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    Loved this story It has such heartbreak In start u have a broken women slowly killing herself after the death of her husband, which she feels is her fault When her two brothers in law find her and come n get her the story really starts to he...

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