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10 thoughts on “The Miracle of the Breath: Mastering Fear, Healing Illness, and Experiencing the Divine

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    This book is a great collection of breathing techniques and exercises The author spans numerous religions cultures Hindus, Chinese, Hebrews and Christians in his research and is able to articulate his fascination with the topic by telling supporting stories of his experiences Master of ...

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    As a Yoga teacher I am always looking for things that concern pranyama The breathing techniques in this book are wonderful The Tarzan breath changed some wiring in my brain It looks funny, though.

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    Useful techniques but the applications for healing weren t really explored deeply That was my interest in the book.

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    The author likes to rely on clenching a ball while breathing This didn t seem to make sense to me.There wasn t much science to explain this or anything other technique in the book there were many which is a plus.

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The Miracle of the Breath: Mastering Fear, Healing Illness, and Experiencing the Divine Thousands Of Years Ago, Great Hindu Yogis And Chinese Sages Developedpowerful Systems Of Breath Control Which They Used For Mastering Fear,healing Illness And Attaining The State Of Enlightenment These Ancientsystems Of Breath Control Possess Such Remarkable Powers, Because They Tapinto The Spiritual Life Force That Gives Our Breath Its Life Sustainingpowers The Hindus Call This Life Force Prana The Chinese Call It Chi.Hebrews Called It The Breath Of Life Christians Call It The Holy Spirit.Because Our Breath Is So Intimately Linked With The Life Force, It Controlsevery Physical, Mental, And Spiritual Process That Takes Place Within Ourbeing By Learning The Secrets Of Breath Control We Can Gain Remarkablepowers For Healing Our Mind And Body And Experiencing The Divinity Thatdwells Within Us All The Miracle Of The Breath Is A Complete Andself Contained Instruction Manual For Learning To Master The Science Ofbreath It Provides A Special Set Of Meditation And Breathing Techniquesthat Act Directly To Dissolve Pain, Fear And Tension From The Mind And Body.These Same Techniques Can Also Be Used For Cultivating The State Ofenlightenment Or For Entering Into Communion With God As The Holy Spiritthat Dwells In The Breath.Andy Caponigro, Internationally Known As A Master Of Breath, Is A Formerconcert Guitarist Who Has Been Healing People With The Powers Of The Breathsince The Early 1970 S His Private Sessions And Workshops Have Providedremarkably Effective Help For Hundreds Of People Suffering From Chronicillnesses And Deep Rooted Psychological Problems That Conventionalapproaches Have Failed To Help.