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The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide New York Times Bestselling Author J.R Ward Delivers A Behind The Scenes Look At Her To Die For Publishers Weekly Black Dagger Brotherhood Series And A Brand New Short Story Starring Zsadist And Bella This Is A Book No Black Dagger Brotherhood Fan Should Miss An Insider S Guide That Will Seduce Readers As Powerfully As The Sexy Band Of Brothers And The World They Live In And Also Included Is An Original Short Story About Stars Zsadist And Bella This Comprehensive Guide Features Insider Information On The Brotherhood, Their Dossiers, Stats, And Special Gifts Readers Will Savor Interviews With Their Favorite Characters, Deleted Scenes, Exciting Material From The J.R Ward Message Board And The Answers To Their Burning Questions They Ll Learn What It S Like For J.R Ward To Write Each Installment Of The Series, And In A Fascinating Twist, Read An Interview With The Author Conducted By The Brothers Plus Readers Will Get A Sneak Peek At The Much Anticipated Next Book In The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Lover Avenged.

About the Author: J.R. Ward

J.R Ward is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of numerous novels, including the Black Dagger Brotherhood series She lives in the South her family.

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    I ll start by stating the obvious this book is a must have for all BDB fans It is filled with so much fun stuff and will keep you occupied and entertained while you await the May 09 release of the latest in the BDB saga, Lover Avenged.Chief among the goodies is a short story about Zsadist, Bella, and baby daughter Nalla, called Father Mine In it, we see Z and Bella having marital problems, coping with being new parents and all the adjustments that entails, and watch Z struggle to bond with the baby he adores, yet is afraid to love We see how Z finally is forced to face and deal with his past in order that he may finally have a happy future.I loved this glimpse into Z and Bella s life, even though it was sad to see how Z still struggled with his horrific past spoiler ahead The fact that Bella considered leaving Z because he refused to have anything to do with baby Nalla had me panicking for a minute, because I knew Z wouldn t be able to go on without Bella in his life I was very glad when Z finally faced his fears, and was surprised by the person he was able to open up to and get help from.This was a very satisfying, sometimes sad, but ultimately happy read and with some really hot moments too , and it convinced me that Zsadist, Bella and Nalla would be a very happy family in the future.I also loved the dossiers on the Brothers There were lots of fun factoids revealed as the Brothers filled out questionnaires from the author S...

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    Here s the thing there are people who read books, and there are people who are readers People who read enjoy books Readers take that to an almost insane degree They don t just read books, they immerse themselves in them And, to the extent that they have a favorite book or author, they can get lost for days.or longer Readers read favorites over and over and over again It isn t so much about the words that are put on the page, although those can be very good It is about how you feel when you read that book or that author People who read roll their eyes when I mention this Readers understand completely.To that end, this is a book for readers If you re a casual fan of J.R Ward, this probably isn t the book for you Yes, there is new material in it, but you re not going to buy this book just for the original short at the beginning The majority of this book consists of a lot of insider baseball, which is great if you re a major league fan I started in the middle, skipped around things I d already seen on the website, and then went back and read Father Mine the original short story Finally, I read the preview of the upcoming book about Rehvenge May can t get here fast enough I recommend the short story to everyone who is even remotely interested in the Brotherhood and JR Ward It is really very good If you only have a passing curiosity about the rest, check this out from the library But, if you re a big fan, you won ...

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    More More More TRUE TRUE TRUE.But sometimes it s just because you re looking into the eyes of your lover and your gratitude for having them in your life overflows because you showed them what was on the inside and...

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    AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR BDB FANS This is essential reading for BDB fans Zsadist and Bella s 81 page short story alone is worth the price of admission Huge insight is given into each book in the series and the Brotherhoods world, as well as a ton of other information JR interviews each of the Brothers getting them to fill in a question answer sheet with hilarious results, giving us a greater understanding of their characters I actually came away from this feeling like the Brothers were real people Imagine if you will moonlight fly fishing with Wrath or driving with Zsadist in his Porsche to Target and doing some shopping You ll also get to ride along with Butch in a golf cart and launch rockets at the mansion Who knew Rhage did yoga And John Mathew s true identity is finally revealed This book although an insiders guide felt like book 7 in the series, with focus given to all the characters There are some spoilers for the next book,Lover Avenged and many sigh moments The Brothers even go to JR Ward s house to interview her and I found the writers guide particularly interesting The insiders guide includes 82 PAGE NOVELLA Father Mine Zsadist and Bella s Story About Zsadist, Bella and Nalla Covering the birth and months afterward, concentrating on Z s adjustment into fa...

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    I cannot believe how long I waited to get this book If you re a member of J.R s official BDB forum, then you may be familiar with some of the pieces in this compilation, such as the Slices of Life pieces and the Brothers on the message boards But even if you are, that doesn t mean you should skip out on this one There is a ton of stuff to indulge in that will satisfy your hunger of the Brothers until the next book comes out.One of my favourite parts of this book is the deleted scenes Ward gives us a glimpse of scenes that have been removed or altered from its book form I think my favourites one are the ones of Cormia and Phury God, they are just perfect for one another aren t they That scene made me blush and the one that takes place five years later is precious.Another one of my favourites is the questionaire that the Brothers fill out It s kind of interesting to see their answers and bash on one other Rhage is king when it comes to that Cracking open the spine of this book is like diving into the mansion and experiencing the macho frat boy atmosphere along with the Brothers You feel it, you know...

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    this is a slice of Phury heaven For Phury, the nature of the Do Not Have, the Cannot Have, the Never Possible, the Unfulfilled is taking him into darker places than he could have predicted I think he assumed that if Z ever healed a little, that his own suffering would be over.

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    Padre m o ha sido tan bonito Ay

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    Just a few paragraphs about my boy s and their shellans hanging out

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    WOW I m just not sure what else to say about The Black Dagger Brotherhood An Insider s Guide by J.R Ward For those who have gotten caught up in this series, it s an absolute must buy for your keeper shelf Ward has included, among other things a shiny, new short story about baby Nalla the original proposal for Dark Lover which started the whole series some deleted scenes different from the ones originally available on her website some of her favorite quotes from each book a teaser scene from the upcoming Lover Avenged some hilarious sequences from her website boards starring the brothers new interviews with each of the brothers different from those originally available on her website dossiers on each brother, and a whole lot .I gnawed on this one like a cho...

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