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Sweetheart Es Ist Niemals Vorbei Die FURIE Kehrt Zur Ck Zehn Jahre Verfolgte Detective Archie Sheridan Die Bildsch Ne Serienm Rderin Gretchen Lowell Zehn Tage Litt Er In Ihren H Nden Er Brachte Sie Hinter Gitter, Aber Nie Wieder Kam Er Von Ihr Frei Jetzt Ist Das Unfassbare Geschehen Die Eiskalte Psychopatin Ist Entkommen Archie Kann Sie Nur Auf Eine Art Stellen Indem Er Sich Absichtlich In Ihre Falle Locken L Sst Gretchen Glaubt Sich Am Ziel Ihrer W Nsche, Doch Archie Hat Ganz Eigene Pl Ne Zwischen J Ger Und Gejagter Entbrennt Ein Perfider, T Dlicher Machtkampf Aus Verf Hrung, Obsession, Hass Und Rache Man Sagt Ich Sei Grausam, Aber Auch Ein Wenig R Cksichtslos, Abartig Bin Ich Angeblich Auch Noch Ganz Andere Halten Mich F R Zerst Rerisch Und Intelligent Ich Selber Finde Mich Eher Engelsgleich GRAZIEDr Hannibal Lecter Ist Ein L Mmchen Gegen Gretchen Lowell.

About the Author: Chelsea Cain

Chelsea Cain is the New York Times bestselling author of the Archie Sheridan Gretchen Lowell thrillers Heartsick, Sweetheart, Evil at Heart, The Night Season, Kill You Twice, and Let Me Go Her next book One Kick August, 2014 will be the first in her Kick Lannigan thriller series Her book Heartsick was named one of the best 100 thrillers ever written by NPR, and Heartsick and Sweetheart were na

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    To all those people who have recommended Chelsea Cain to me over the years you are entitled to beat me over the head WHY did I wait so long to read her Whoever thought I would fall in thrall to a serial kille...

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    Serial killer Gretchen Lowell is back in Chelsea Cain s new novel Sweetheart, a follow up to her best selling Heartsick Portland detective Archie Sheridan, has moved back in with his family, and is still struggling with pills and is going through withdrawal from the psycho Gretchen, who he quit visiting in prison Archie is investigating a murder case after the body of a young woman turns up in a park The woman had been dead awhile Her skull was exposed her scalp had been pulled back, a tangle of red hair separated from the hairline by several inches Animals had eaten her face, exposing her eyes and brain to the forces of putrefaction OK, so maybe you shouldn t eat while reading this book Reporter Susan Ward also returns to the scene in the follow up, pursuing a story about a corrupt senator When the politician turns up dead, along with one of Susan s co workers, she and Archie s paths again cross Soon after though, both reporter and cop become distracted when Beauty Killer Gretchen Lowell escapes from prison Eventually, of course, Archie gets a call on his cell phone Hello, darling She s back He ...

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    All I can say about this book Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain is that its a real page turner it had everything that a thriller of a high standard should have, senators having affairs with 14 year old girl he ends up dead so does the girl, then its Archie s sick twisted obsession with Gretchen Lowell their relationship reminds me of a fatal attraction of the worst kind, as its affecting his marriage to Debbie who sits at home waiting for his return only to find his mind is always somewhere else.J...

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    I didn t intend to finish two books in one but that s just how I happened to spend my Saturday When I originally cancelled my weekend plans it was because I assumed I would be suffering from a rebound migraine Luckily I m migraine free and what better way to spend a beautiful Saturday in June but by staying inside to binge read In my earlier review for Heartsick I said I planned to finish reading this by the end of summer but I might finish it by Friday if I keep reading like this Sweetheart takes all the drama and depravity from book one up several notches I continued to be both disturbed by Archie and Gretchen s relationship and secretly rooting for them to be together I m a sick person Archie s continued battle with survivors guilt, depression and his deteriorating health is even tragic in Sweetheart I loved in Sweetheart we got of Susan s world, her mother Bliss is nuts in the best way I have to admit I m also shipping Susan Archie s best friend Henry even tho she s 28 and he s like 50 I love it As with Heartsick I feel I need to warn readers that Sweetheart is even darker and gorier is that a word than Heartsick There is also a lot of cursing and some pretty unsettli...

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    Chelsea Cain s follow up to her Heartsick reunites readers with Susan Ward, Archie Sheridan and serial killer Gretchen Lowell for a fast paced story that works better if you just switch off your disbelief and just go with the story.Picking up a few months after the end of Heartsick, Archie has stopped visiting Gretchen, but remains obsessed with her He s in the midst of trying to solve a case involving a body in a local park Susan is hot on the trail of a story involving a local Senator who had an affair with the then fourteen year old family babysitter Just as her story is about to hit print, the Senator is killed along with a fellow journalist and her source has disappeared Freed of the need to introduce us to the world and characters of Archie and Susan, Sweetheart is able to dive into the story and never let up The twists and turns come at a fast pace, keeping the pages turning Eventually, all roads lead back to Gretchen Lowell and Archie s strange obsession with her Cain provides a few clues about the nature of their relationship and delves into what makes Archie tick.The interesting thing about Sweetheart is that it s a story full of anti heroes Lowell is a killer, but she s a compelling...

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    Fantastic Such an unusual serial killer I was enthralled through the entire book No slow beginning, or getting lost with too many characters Great conclusion with just enough enticement for you to search out the next novel Highly recommend for all mystery thriller lovers

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    I liked how this book picked right up the end of the first book Parts of this were a little unbelievable but the story was strong enough to carry my attention through to the end It was interesting how Chelsea Cain sucks you into wanting to know what gruesome thing will happen next It s kind of like not being able to not watch a train wreck This was a buddy read and we are all caught up in the characters, it s an interesting difference to read about a female killer Lookin...

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    Love her books, on to the next Evil at Heart.

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    In reality, this is probably worth 2.5 stars On the upside, we get far Gretchen based plot in this book than we did in Heartsick The other mystery is one that ties directly into the Molly Palmer Senator Castle story that reporter Susan had been working on in Heartsick, so this time the side plot made sense and had a purpose.On the downside, Chelsea Cain nearly destroyed everything interesting about Archie Sheridan s attraction to Gretchen by revealing that they d had an affair before she kidnapped and tortured him Nevermind...

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    Posted to The Literary Lawyer.ca Another Stunning Thriller 5 Stars I rarely have the sense that a novel is truly thrilling Despite claims that a story will keep me on the edge of my seat, I rarely experience the phenomenon Sweetheart is one of the few books that truly left me feeling thrilled It is exciting, twisting and a down right good time Plot Outline The lead character, Archie, is working toward a sense of normalcy He has returned to live with his family, he no longer sees or speaks with Gretchen and he is weaning himself off the prescription medications Due to his trauma, the standoff with breakdown is tenuous at best As some strings of his sanity begin to fray, he is set into an emotional whirlwind as he learns that Gretchen has escaped from custody and she may seek to finish the job she has yet to complete.Amidst the escape of Gretchen, Archie, with the input of his reporter friend, Susan Ward, must solve the mystery of some mysterious deaths and as well as the deaths of a beloved politician and reporter As the ...

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