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Buddha Mom Buddha Mom Read Author Jacqueline Kramer Ivogue.co.uk In Buddha Mom, Jacqueline Kramer Beautifully Illuminates The Ways In Which Motherhood Can Be Woven With The Spiritual Life Drawing Upon Her Twenty Years As A Practicing Buddhist, As Well As Many Other Wisdom Traditions From Around The World, She Offers Powerful Insights Into Cultivating A Spiritual Attitude Toward Parenting.In Chapters, Guided By Central Buddhist Themes Simplicity, Nurturance, Joyful Service, Unconditional Love Kramer S Personal Experience Of Pregnancy, Birth, And Then Raising Her Daughter To Adulthood Serves As A Guide To Integrating The Roles Of Parent And Spiritual Being A Celebration Of All That Motherhood Can Be, Buddha Mom Presents An Inspiring Vision Of Child Rearing.

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    Overall, I was disappointed with this read I ve been reading up on Buddhism lately, because I was curious and hoping I can learn about it and how it s applied in practice I thought this would be a good book because I myself am a stay at home mom.Instead of a solid discussion on Buddhism and mothering, however, Kramer injects a lot of new age spirituality into the narrative I think that when her writing strays from the subject of Buddhism, her writing suffers because it obviously detracts from the primary focus of the book but also because her writing becomes a little aimless and awkward She really is at her best discussing Buddhism its primary tenants and their application, in her life as a mother and in the lives of others.Frankly, I m a little surprised her editor let her get away with this She s clearly a gifted writer good voice, a steady, even rhythm I...

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    So much about Buddhism is about a practice that requires solitude, meditation, focus, attention and attending workshops or classes None of which can be done with children The most valuable thing about this book is how it highlights that everyday mom things can be a part o...

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    too terrible to finish

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    Kramer has a great way of pouring out buddhist practice into drinkable portions for moms The practical applications of following the middle path and meditation as everyday mindfulness is something moms can feel good, not guilty about She seems to be following her own imperfect and rocky path which makes her an elegant teacher rather than an unattainable idol In the beginning I thought I wanted an idol a prophet of moms and I was turned off by the mention of some of her failings By the middle of the book, I was thankful for her insights, thankful that she was just one of us who happened to know deeply about buddhist practice I want to read it all over again simply f...

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    Jacqueline Kramer gives information about her personal journey through pregnancy and motherhood from a Buddhist perspective, and guidance for all moms hoping to realize the spiritual potential of motherhood I found the suggestions realistic, and I could really relate to the situations she described It helped me take another step towards fully embr...

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    A very good book I expected of a parenting book but delightfully ended up with a book on Buddism from a mom perspective It was a insightful book then I expected Kramer writes simply and without an arrogance found in many parenting books I will definitely be revisiting this bo...

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    I intentionally took forever to read this book It was such a lovely little gem to read and contemplate Really made me savor and appreciate the mothering process really value it for what it is I d like to read it again.

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    I keep this book on my nightstand at all times It is so inspiring and reminds me to be mindful and to honour the beauty and challenges that only a journey through motherhood can bring to my life.

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    not as informative as I was looking for

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    How to handle difficult emotions and practice without sitting alone on a mountain top.

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