10 thoughts on “The Americans (Kent Family Chronicles, #8)

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    Actually of all the Kent Family Chronicle books, this was took me the longest to read, however it was one the of the best I absolutely love the story and is so very well written Kudos to the author for a job well done.

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    Conclusion of a long series Now I ll never no the outcome of the lives of Will, Eleanor, and Carter And of any Kent children to follow A truly fascinating series from pre revolutionary USA to near the end of the 19th Century.

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    The last of the Kent chronicles series LOVED THEM ALL

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    Well I finished the 8 volume set of the Kent Family Chronicles This takes the Kent family up to 1897 The book deals with Carter, Eleanor and Will A little disappointed because it was pretty predictable.I enjoyed Will s summer with a young Theodore Roosevelt and the Johnstown flood Eleanor went throu...

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    It took me forever to read the last installment in this series not because I didn t enjoy it, but because I didn t want it to end.

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    Reading historical fiction should be fun The Americans by John JakesJohn Jakes certainly was This is the eighth and possibly last volume of the Kent Family Chronicles Like a patchwork blanket, Jakes sews facts and people in very neatly to his Kent family epic The children of Gideon and Matthew Kent migrate homeward and make their marks in an increasingly great and influential country From the sleazy and squalid world of politics and the increasingly acceptable of the stage to...

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    To all good stories there must be an end and this book is it These were excellent tales fiction but could have been real stories of real Americans Tragedy, comedy, love, hate, courage and cowardice all displayed by the frailties of...

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    I believe this is the conclusion of the Kent Family Chronicles The tale of America from its pre revolutionary roots to the turn of the 20th century The entire series is well worth the time invested Jakes tells the story of our country through the eyes of an fictional family, history comes alive.

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    Fantastic end to a fantastic series I rarely feel this way, but I didn t want it to be over I d love for there to bebooks taking the Kents all the way through the 20th century, but that won t be happening.

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    Good finish to a very long tale Doesn t fulfill the promise of taking the Kent family right on up to 1976 but that s okay Enough of the Kents and time for something else Enjoyed this series but man it is a commitment.Thanks to the author for keeping it going as long as he did.

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