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Microbial polyesters Read Microbial Polyesters By Yoshiharu Doi Ivogue.co.uk Microbial Polyesters Yoshiharu Doi Microbial Polyesters Provides The Reader With The Necessary Background For Understanding The Nature And Mechanism Of Biological Polymerization It Describes Detailed Aspects Of The Biosynthesis, Properties And Applications Of Microbial Polyesters, Thermoplastics With Biodegradable And Biocompatible Properties This Book Will Be Of Special Interest To Researchers And Graduate Students Working In Microbiology, Biotechnology And Polymer Science And Technology Contents Introduction Fermentation And Analysis Of Microbial Polyesters Microorganisms And Poly 3 Hydroxyalkanoates Poly 3 Hydroxyalkanoates Metabolism Poly 3 Hydroxybutyrate Co 4 Hydroxybutyrate Structure And Properties Of Poly 3 Hydroxybutyrate Solid State Properties Of Copolyesters Biodegradation Of Microbial Polyesters.

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