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The Family Audio Bible CD Read The Family Audio Bible CD Dick Cavett Rarefishingbooks.co.uk These Classic Stories, Taken Directly From The Text Of The New Revised Standard Version Of The Bible, Will Delight And Inspire Children Before Bedtime Or On The Go.Collection Includes From The Old TestamentThe Creation, The Garden Of Eden, The Serpent In The Garden, Cain And Abel, Noah S Ark, Abraham Sacrifices Isaac, Jacob And Esau, Joseph And His Brothers, The Birth And Youth Of Moses, Moses At The Burning Bush, The Plagues Of Egypt, Crossing The Red Sea, The Ten Commandments, Battle Of Jericho, David And Goliath, King Solomon S Wisdom, Elijah And The Priests Of Baal, Daniel In The Lion S Den, Jonah And The WhaleCollection Includes From The New TestamentThe Angel Appears To Mary, The Birth Of Jesus, The Wise Men, Jesus In The Temple, The Baptism And Temptation Of Jesus, The Wedding At Cana, The Sermon On The Mount, Jesus Restores Jairus S Daughter To Life, The Feeding Of The 5,000, Jesus Walks On Water, The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, Lazarus Is Raised From The Dead, Jesus S Last Week, Stories Of Peter, The Conversion Of Paul, The New Heaven And The New Earth

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