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Ten Thousand Eyes: The Amazing Story of the Spy Network That Cracked Hitler's Atlantic Wall Before D-Day When France Fell To The Germans In 1940, A Slight, Scholarly 28 Year Old Captain Of Engineers And Professor Escaped To England, And With General Charles De Gaulle And Andre Dewavrin, He Organized An Intelligence Service With One Goal To Secure A Blueprint For Germany S Atlantic Wall And Place It In The Hands Of The Allies.

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    First published in 1958, Ten Thousand Eyes tells the story of some of the many French who, while pretending to bow down to their Nazi captors, gathered information critical to supporting the Allies during WWII to help France win freedom The book focuses primarily on those who worked on pulling all the details of Hitler s Wall the physical wall the Third Reich built to protect France from shoreline invasion.The book, perhaps unintentionally, provides the reader in the early 21st century with a concept of life in an occupied country Blackout and curfew from 9pm to 6am, if not 6pm to 6am No boats away from the dock overnight for any reason Fishing boats to sea within a certain perimeter only, all subject to inspection before leaving the dock and upon return All adults subject to conscription for labor, all use of public and private transportation requiring a pass Any house chosen for occupation force upon which the current occupants must vacate or soldier boarding No radios or wireless transmission of any kind Violators of curfew and other occupying force orders subject to the whims of the occupation army jail, deportation, concentration camp, immediate execution.As a result of this constant environmental persecution, those who work to find the information needed by the Allies are always under what you could tactfully call stress I often fou...

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    After visiting Normandy, I wanted to learn about the French Resistance I had an incredible tour guide who recommended this title as the best to learn about the Resistance I very much liked the book, but I can t read material that has graphic violence and even though most people would say this book does not contain graphic violence, I had a hard time sleeping while reading the book The mental images were too disturbing for me Nevertheless, this book mentions what the Resistance fighters endured, and that s important to know It was difficult to follow dates chronologically The year was most often excluded from many of the stories and I rarely knew what year a particular event was occurring However, I m not sure this was necessary The book clearly outlines the beginning and end of the Resistance and, of course, critical events overlap I glad I read this book I never realized how closely th...

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    When people are threatened, as were the French by Hitler, those who are heroes rise to the occasion Ten Thousand Eyes is the story of many heroes and heroines those who risked everything to be part of the cause of freedom How maps were spirited away, how gun and mine emplacements were located and mapped, how D Day worked because of the lengthy months of preparation to find Hitler s weak spots and exploit them this is the story Not famous and rich peopl...

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    It s amazing to see how lucky the Allies were in having the network survive many near misses they very well might not have won without it.

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