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    A young Trinidadian girl named Rosie narrates this story of Christmas as it is celebrated on her island home, paying tribute to many of the holiday traditions observed there, while also spinning a tale of family warmth and love Opening one sunny day as she is dispatched to gather sorrel, to make the special Christmas sorrel drink, the book touches upon the many other foods prepared at this time of year blackcurrant cake, soursop ice cream as well as the seasonal activities decorating the painted guava branch that serves as Christmas tree, listening to the wonderful songs sung by the wandering parang bands and concludes with the celebrations on the big day itself, including the extended family s church attendance.A lovely look at Christmas traditions in a part of the world that doesn t get as much attention, holiday book wise, as northern climates, An Island Christmas is both educational and fun The reader gets a strong sense of Rosie s tight knit family life undoubtedly based on the childhood of author Lynn Joseph, herself born in Trinidad while also learning a little bit about customs that might in the case of most American children be unfamiliar The narration is done in what I assume is Trinidadian Engl...

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    Main Characters Rosie, Mom, Dad, and Ragboy Rosie s brother.First Person Point of View From RosieSetting Island in the southern Caribbean Sea during Christmas season Genre Traditional Multicultural Literature Lexile level 660L Upper Elementary Plot Rosie s preparations for Christmas on the island of Trinidad begin early In the beginning, Rosie is sent by her mother to pick red petals for the sorrel drink, which is a special dark red, aromatic Christmas drink, with a tangy taste After picking, pealing, and soaking the red petals, Rosie s family sings along with the parang band which are bands of people who sing and play traditional instruments in the streets Rosie s mother prepares a long standing Christmas specialty black currant cake on Christmas Eve, while her dad goes to town for some Christmas shopping In the meantime, both Rosie and Ragboy paint and decorate their Christmas guava tree On Christmas Eve, all the family sits together around their Christmas tree to enjoy aloe pies and some sorrel In the morning, Rosie and Ragboy open their presents and later in their Christmas church b...

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    Joseph, Lynn An Island Christmas Illus by Catherine Stock Clarion, 1992 New York Island of Trinidad Picture Book.Lynn Joseph captures the true essence of Christmas in her story, An Island Christmas, about a Caribbean family s holiday traditions Through the use of grammatical structure and word choice, which reflect a gentle island rhythm, Joseph transports her audience to the ease and warmth of the Caribbean Island of Trinidad Accompanied by Catherine Stock s beautiful water colored pictures, full of bright colors and images so full of life that they almost breathe this book portrays a charming image of a tropical Christmas Joseph not only entertains her audience with this delightful story but she also educates them by introducing several holiday treats and customs in the story dissimilar to the standard American ideals, such as, sorrel a sort of sugary drink made from flowers, and the Panaderos, similar to carolers, marching through the neighborhood singing traditional Parang songs Although Christmas traditions in the story ar...

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    Christmas in July That s how it seems in Lynn Joseph s, An Island Christmas She describes the story of Christmas time and traditions that take place on the Carribean Island off the coast of Trinidad Through her use of native tongue and casual sentence structure, it is like she is there talking to you If you are having a hard time with her style of writing, luckily there are decent watercolor illustrations that will accompany the story Several days before the main holiday, two siblings busily prepare for the climatic Christmas morning by collecting native fruit, building a Christmas tree, and listening to the local band play...

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    An Island ChritmassBy Clairion BookIllustrated By Catherine Stock.The book talked about the different ways countries celebrate the holidays in their own way This makes me interested in then various way countries that use a lunar calendar The children are so excited for the big feast even though they don t have presents to open for Christmas morning, but the food that they make is so special for the children It reminds me when I was a children growing in Vietnam we are a poor country we lucky just to have food to eat When it come to holiday we will have some meat or special food to eat It makes me think for u...

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    i like the book it should be in the worlds best book and i wish i cloud have this book and that if you read this book your heart will go boom the book made me feel very happy but now i want keep the book for ever i love this book so much i will love it like it is my child and my baby if i lose that book my heart will brake so then i will cry and cry ...

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    The narrator of the book is an excited young girl from the island of Trinidad, off the coast of Venezuela She gives a snap shot view of her family s Christmas celebrations Though the plot is simple and somewhat uneventful, it s fun to see the excitement of Christmas through the eyes of a child It s also interesting to observe the similarities and differences in the holiday traditions of another culture T...

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    This story is told heavily in vernacular it takes place in Trinidad, where the author is from.Despite being basically an extended list of preparation and celebration of Christmas in Trinidad, the narrative is engaging The Author s N...

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    Ok.I liked the voice of the narrator.

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    Alissa liked their treehouse where they grew flowers for Tante.

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An Island Christmas Rosie S Preparations For Christmas On The Island Of Trinidad Include Picking Red Petals For The Sorrel Drink, And Singing Along With The Parang Band Stock Portrays The Joyful Activity In Freely Painted Watercolors That Beautifully Evoke The Island Setting And Vibrant, Warmhearted Characters A Welcome Contribution Kirkus Reviews

  • Hardcover
  • 30 pages
  • An Island Christmas
  • Lynn Joseph
  • English
  • 15 December 2018
  • 9780395587614

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