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  • Paperback
  • 232 pages
  • The Sledge Patrol: A WWII Epic of Escape, Survival and Victory
  • David Howarth
  • English
  • 27 June 2019
  • 9781599213224

About the Author: David Howarth

David Armine Howarth was a British historian and author After graduating from Cambridge University, he was a radio war correspondent for BBC at the start of the Second World War Howarth joined the Navy after the fall of France He became involved in the Special Operations Executive SOE and ultimately in the Shetland Bus, an SOE operation manned by Norwegians running a clandestine route between

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    I have to hand it to David Howarth he really knows how to find and tell a good story The Sledge Patrol is an eye opening narrative of what must rank as one of the, if not the, most extraordinary conflicts of World War 2 The action takes place in Greenland a colony of Denmark , the largest island in the world, possessing 1600 miles of coastline, and with in 1940 a population of just 22,000 souls, predominantly living on the West coast North of Scoresby Sound on the East coast the human population comprised a total of 26 men and one woman Twelve of those men survived by hunting each in their own territories of approximately sixty miles square The remaining fourteen men were there to man four weather stations one Danish, three Norwegian.After the invasion of Denmark in 1940, the Germans became extremely interested in the reported weather observations by stations on Greenland which were transmitted in unencrypted international code it had not occurred to the British to supply encryption, and Occupied Denmark was naturally unable to do so Weather observations in Greenland were key to accurate forecasting of the weather in the North Atlantic ocean on which the outcome of the Battle of the Atlantic was to depend The Sledge Patrol is the engrossing story of the preparations against a possible German invasion of North East Greenland 70 to 75 30 N , and what happened when that unexpected eve...

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    The east coast of Greenland is a vast wasteland inhabited only by a few intrepid hunters Technically a Danish colony, some 2200 miles away and geographically part of North America, the Greenland governor decided to cast the island s lot with the allies, after Denmark was overrun by the Germans It was of strategic importance to the United States and Britain who needed weather reports in order to predict weather over Europe I didn t realize just how far north the country is until I looked at a globe It s a forbidding country, uninhabited by only a few natives, and with severe weather.A small group of Arctic loving Norwegians and Danes protected the vital radio and weather equipment under very difficult circumstances Ironically, the German captain sent to invade and seize the station was an Arctic climate lover himself and was sympathetic to those who lived and worked there One cannot help but admire the hardiness of these folks who thought nothing of walking, often with hardly any supplies but a rifle to ward off polar bears, hundreds of miles in horrible conditions, thinking nothing of it.The culture of these Arctic lovers and Eskimos was the antithesis of what was going on in the rest of the world To survive they needed to be able to help each other and to count on that assistance The prospect of shooting someone else or anything not for food was completely foreign to the Eskimos, especially, who had no comprehens...

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    The Sledge Patrol is a book I read in order to while away the time on a recent long haul flight, and it turned out to be a remarkable true life adventure from WWII, a sideshow in the grand scheme of a conflict in which than 50 million died, but a human drama to match any.The book relates the story of the 15 or so men of the North East Greenland Sledge Patrol, a mixture of Danish, Norwegian and Inuit civilians appointed by the Wartime Danish Governor of Greenland to patrol a remote and almost uninhabited 500 mile stretch of coastline to check for signs of German infiltration The author explains that whilst the men involved undertook their duties conscientiously, most were initially bemused at the idea the German Army might invade NE Greenland They were though happy to take a salary from the Government for doing something they would have done for nothing, i.e travelling up and down the coast by dog sledge and hunting To give the men legal status and the theoretical at least protection of the Geneva Convention, the Danish Governor even officially designated them The Greenland Army , something which he himself saw the comic side of However things got serious in the spring of 1943, when three members of the scattered Sledge Patrol did actually discover Germans...

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    Very interesting episode illuminating a small corner of WWII If you re into man against the elements stories, this book details events about people pushing the envelope of survival in one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet The book als...

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    Reality again trumps fiction Amazing story of how a small band of Danes and Greenlanders fought an equally small band of Germans on the North East coast of Greenland during the spring and summer of 1943 Amazing feats of human endurance and a s...

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    Great book about the little known history of the Sledge Patrol in Greenland A book about adventure, endurance and survival which is well written and gripping Loved this book and recommend it to anyone who likes to read about Arctic adventures A lot of background is...

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    Interesting book I did not know that Greenland was involved in World War II I felt really bad for the lost of so many sled dogs.

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    Entertaining and interesting, to think that there was a battle in such a country as Greenland.There were multiple typos through the book but I m fine with that Though I didn t like that the book tried really hard to tell us who were the good guys, they didn t stop with the Ritter is actually g...

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    An interesting account of the patrolling of Northeast Greenland during WW II for Germans I was drawn to the book because of my Danish ancestors Greenland is controlled by Denmark and there were a number of Danes in the Sledge Patrol Whereas I found it ...

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    It took a little bit to get going but was a very interesting book.

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