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Showdown Trail KINDLE Showdown Trail By Louis LAmour Federicoscridel.eu In The First In This Trio Of Western Stories By Louis L Amour Black Rock Jim Gatlin, A Texas Trail Driver, Arrives In The Town Of Tucker Where He Finds Himself Quickly Drawn Into The Middle Of An All Out Battle For The XY Ranch When, Due To A Case Of Mistaken Identity, He Kills The Segundo Of Wing Cary S Flying C Ranch Gatlin Is A Dead Ringer For Jim Walker, Who, Like Cary, Wants Control Of The XY Gatlin Is Thrown Into A Situation In Which All He Can Do But Fight For His Life.Seventeen Year Old Shandy Gamble In Gamble Of The KT Is In Perigord With Plans To Buy A New Saddle And Bridle With The 500 In Reward Money He Had Received For Catching Two Horse Thieves, But Instead He Gets Conned Out Of The Money He Returns To The KT Ranch Never Mentioning What Happened But When He Learns The Con Man Is Back And Hanging Out With The June Gang, He Decides It S Time To Get His Money Back And Even The Score.Always A Fighting Man, Both For The US Army And In Battles Across The Ocean, Tom Kedrick In Showdown Trail Has Been Hired To Help Run Off The Squatters And Outlaws Occupying A Strip Of Land Claimed To Be Unusable Swamp When He Learns That He Is Being Misled By His New Bosses And That The Squatters Are Honest And Hardworking Settlers, Including One Of His Father S Old Friends, He Has To Determine For Which Side He Will Fight.The Most Decorated Author In The History Of American Letters, L Amour S Stories Are Loved The World Over.

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    I received the audiobook free in exchange for an honest review.One thing I love about L Amour s work is the poetry of his words, his love of nature and the country, and of the history of the country world This story does not disappoint.Rock Bannon joins a wagon train heading for California He had been injured and Sharon Crockett nurses him back to health The train stops at an army fort and is joined by Mort Harper, a smooth talking man with ideas of his own.Crossing the salt deserts of Utah, on a trail suggested by Harper, the train stops in a rich valley owned by Rock Bannon s father The settlers are persuaded by Harper to stop there and raise a town, rather than move on towards California Little do they know the Harper has his own reasons for befriending the settlers He wants the valley Soon there are lines in the dust and hell to pay.As usual, there is action, there are fights, and there is gunplay And at the end o...

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    Showdown Trail by Louis L Amour was later expanded to The Tall Stranger, and begins with The Trail to Peach Meadow Canyon , later reworked into Son of a Wanted Man Both tales have brave foster sons of men, large of body and spirit, who trail cowardly villains that kidnap girls too silly for me We feel like we have breathed old western air, whether hot and dusty, or cool and clean, and wish we were worth, or able to undertake, such determined pursuit Mike is the foster son of a major outlaw leader The day he is told to take over by planning a big gold heist is when he meets his mentor s family, ignorant of their true heritage, and he falls for the lively Drusilla The wily second in command plans a takeover, and the meeker daughter gets abducted in a shootout Mike and Dru ride hard and track obscure signs Peach Meadow Canyon hosts one showdown, and the home ranch another Spoiler Mike chooses to settle the canyon over criminal life Bannon was twenty some before seeing his first white woman, and glorious red gold haired but silly naive Sharon keeps him guarding the wagon train through heat, dust, and Indian raids, trying to talk sense into her fellow settlers Smooth talker Harper persuades even the gulllible girl to settle in beautiful land, he knows is already claimed by Bannon s foster father Bannon convinces his parent to allow the town, ...

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    The book contains two novellas originally published in magazines by L Amour They were later expanded into novels Typical stories by the famous Western authors of lone men dealing with situations and the women with whom they fall in love The Trail to Peach Tree Canyon was published with addtional material as a novel under the same name The Showdown Trai...

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    Includes the original short stories published by Louis L Amour, both of which first appeared in Giant Western magazine, and both of which were later re worked into full length novels Trail to Peach Meadow Canyon became Son of a Wanted Man, and Showdown Trail became The Tall Stranger These were OK, and it was mildly interestin...

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    Comfortable western reading adventure.

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    Usual enjoyable Louis L Amour western fare Good but not a favorite, mostly because they were novella not a single book.