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    Silly Perhaps the silliest thing I have ever read.Worse, it s empty of everything including what it promises Callan is a long married older woman who just likes writing about the nice feeling of Frenchiness not much deeper than that She seems to have struggled to find a handful of women with any relation to Fr...

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    What is this about My deep love for all things French and Paris What is this REALLY about Letting yourself go and allowing yourself to think differently about things about reading and men and even flirting I suspect you know all this anyway, but there s a charm to Jamie Cat Callan s writing that makes you reconsider these things that you may have once thought had no place in your hectic life.When I started reading Parisian Charm School, I didn t quite expect a guide to things I thought I d already knew and yes, it says it right there in the blurb, but I have these blinders when it comes to things with Paris in the title.And yes, I got irritated when I started reading This is a book that tells you about how Callan discovered how French women flirt, and fall in love Or to be exact, get men to fall in love with them Which you know, thanks very much I got that.I also wanted to point out to her that she doesn t mention money, time, children and mortgages in her book But I kept reading and here s the thing it s all in Callan s delivery.There s no lecturing here, and instead we have a woman who has explored what she s writing, and indeed, writes about her experiences, but what she does is remind women that all those things they have probably already thought about picking a signature colour, enjoying what you wear and here s a good one sharing your intellect with a man, and challenging him.Alright, look that sounds condescending, but Callan delivers it in a ...

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    J aime beaucoup tous les chose francaise This book was no different Each chapter addresses a lifestyle topic such as personal style, or nurturing one s intellect, or flirting, introduces a French compatriot who walks the walk and talks the talk, and gives a little homework activity to the reader I enjoyed the anecdotes from Callan s friends, and fo...

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    I struggle with writing an honest review because I like this lady She has a high spirit and I don t want to be a meh and pop that, butit was her weakest book I have read them all and always took away something from them It s as if they were my secrets to ...

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    Meh I ve read Callan s other books and I m not sure if there s anything here that one hasn t read from one her books before or any other similar books that romanticize French women Arguably this book doesn t specify women in the title like her previous titles but it s clear it s geared towards heterosexual women Anyway, the book talks about things like flirting, finding a signature color, why it s a good idea to read books, throwing dinner parties, adding flowers Again, if you ve read books by her and or others...

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    Not what I expected It felt much like a selective memoir than a self help book as I originally thought Callan rescued the read by lending a Parisian perspective and challenging my outlook The tone of the book is quite eloquent and knowledgeable,...

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    Loved this little gem.

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    Thank you to Penguin for the free copy through a Goodreads Giveaway.Although Parisian Charm School isn t exclusively for single women, it is definitely aimed at them, with a few nods toward readers who have already found a loving partner Yes, there s a chapter on How to Charm Your Husband, but nearly every other chapter includes comments like, And this is a great way to meet men The final chapter is a collection of how women met their significant others.The advice can apply to anyone, and it mostly comes down to finding ways to make yourself a interesting person by engaging in a little imagination The specifics are fanciful choose a signature color and wear it every day, learn to cook a dish well enough to call it your specialty, and so on Like most other books in the The French are better than Americans at everything category, the book is mostly personal anecdotes about the author meeting with fascinating...

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    Fun and informative In the author s words, Titi Parisienne typically Parisian Recommended for those who love Paris, or culture, or style Lovely to dip into

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