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Travels and Travails of Small Minds Trials And Travails Of Small Minds Follows The Sideways Trajectory Of An Unambitious Career Temp Worker Occupying The Most Nowhere Of Nowhere Jobs Nathan Spends Many A Hungover Morning And Afternoon Fetching Coffee For His Senile Slumlord Boss In A Dust Choked Office On The Lower East Side Of Manhattan Between Gossiping With His Lone Co Worker In Their Dangerously Untidy Office, Hanging With A Drug Addled Neighbor, And Dealing With A Jealousy Ridden Girlfriend, Nathan Stumbles Headfirst Into A Clumsy Property Scam Which Finds Him Unknowingly At The Center With A Cast Of Characters Including A Dead Beatnik Legend, An Eccentric And Pompous Collector Of The Beatnik S Works, A New Love Interest In The Form Of A Tenant With Unclear Intentions, And A Network Of Sociopathic Former Literature Professors, A Saga Unfolds Over Eight Days In August Which Sends Nathan Careening Through Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Suburbs Of England, And Beyond In A Swirl Of Comedic Intrigue.

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    Daniel Falatko s soph novel is no slump In Travels and Travails of Small Minds, we are introduced to Nathan, bored Brooklynite and third hand assistant to an eccentric property owner Stuck in a dead end relationship and an even dead end position, Daniel doesn t hesitate to accept an offer to travel to London to assist his employer with the sale of one of his currently occupied apartments Curiosity gets the best of Nathan as he, his lone coworker, and the super ...

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    1 2 rounded up This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader. I feel like I m stuck in a mystery novel written by an unhinged individual, Amy There s a lot of truth to that lament Nathan makes to his girlfriend, Amy In the same conversation, she had a different take on it Mystery Englishmen Ever evolving eccentric casts of characters Intricate layers of plot involving absolutely nothing Two unaware and wayward employees leading the story Nathan, you are living in a Wes Anderson film And I m not sure if I like it You re definitely Life Aquatic than Rush at this point There s a lot truth to that, too At the same time, neither of them is quite right and please, don t go looking for a Wes Anderson unhinged mystery writer kind of book, you won t get it But you may get something that appeals to someone who d like that kind of book Just these commentaries on Nathan s life during this novel shows you just how strange this is.I don t want to say there isn t a plot there is one nor do I want to say that it s not important, or nonsensical there is a good amount of sense and it is a pretty good story but compared to the experience of spending time with Nathan, his friends and colleagues, as well as those he meets over the course of the novel outweighs the story You ve got Nathan his girlfriend, Amy his boss Dr Behr, an elderly gentleman who just might be the living incarnation of eccentric his coworker, Edward, who has spent far too many ...

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    Full review here s newest book, The Travels and Travails of Small Minds, has his characters treading familiar ground the streets of New York City along with new territory England, Moscow, and others.Nathan is dragging along at a dead end for a senile old crockpot loosely in charge of slumlike properties His girlfriend lives too far away, his neighbor is a drug addict, and his sole coworker is no better off than he is.Taking life one day at a time with no real future in sight, Nathan gets mixed up in a property scam that entangles him in the works of a dead beatnik of extremely dubious talent, that beatnik s number one fan, and a large amount of money.The book s strengths are revealed in the writing of the city it is a very comfortable place for the author The descriptions would be familiar and smell like the sweet garbage funk of home to any New Yorker It is a mix of the grungy underbelly and the unique moments that make it a city like no other a guy selling tiny turtles on a street corner, drugged out kids dancing on the subway, brawls in the street It s the real New York, the one you see if you live there, pounding the streets every day.There is a dark sort...

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    Very entertaining, with a cast of unique characters full of a wide range of quirks and flaws and obsessions and mysteries and surprises, including eccentric elderly ex professors, a giant Russian landlord store owner who alternates between intimidating and endearing, a man who dedicated his life and wealth hoarding the memorabilia of a late drug addicted author, to the main character Nathan, unmotivated and unambitious and reaso...

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    This story is about Nathan, apparently the only sane person in the cast of colourful characters described by Falatko Nathan works as a coffee and errand boy in a very small office that runs the properties owned by the boss, the eccentric and demented Dr Behr Caught in an international scheme and broken up from his girlfriend, Nathan makes allies where he can find them and finally takes action towards the very end of the book I like this book a lot It ...

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    I received a copy of this book through the Goodreads Giveaway program in exchange for an honest review This was such a strange yet interesting read not at all what I expected The jacket reviews describe it perfectly.

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    Could ve used some consistency edits, but that was a fun trip.