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    I now truly understand the meaning of accountability.

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    I received the kindle edition of this book from goodreads with the purpose of providing an unbiased review I have no doubt Mr Silverstein is committed to his clients, family and community and I mean no personal animus toward him, but this book is a packaged collection of teachings from childhood The writing is cliche ridden, repetitive and delivers banal common sense if you are charitable recommendations about personal finance, leadership, relationships etc., using the importance of truth telling, humility and the importance of living your values, among others with the premise that accountability is the underlying driver of excellence in all these facets of life The author s personal stories, while genuine, don t add much to the simplistic lessons because of the pedestrian writing that creates archetypes of specific values he is describing rather than dive into the conflicted, striving, suffering, occasionally heroic, honorable people that populate our everyday lives Although the first few pages of the book started strong by suggesting that a change in thinking rather than a change in doing can lead to valuable insights and the role relationships work in creating organizational success, it quickly begins to disappoint with its uninspired perspective E...

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    This book is amazing I read this book, because I personally needed something to give me hope of my dreams and goals I loved this book, when I read it it sounded like I made it word by word Sam Silverstein Worded this book in a way of developing your actions One of the Important things sam mentioned was accountability Because of this book I realized the real definition o...

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    It s an inspiring book that asks the reader to learn to commit Many blessing come from the act of committing I found myself not wanting to put the book down when I really started to read it My highlighter was working overtim...

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    The Highest Level of Commitment is No Matter What Only at this level you are ACCOUNTABLE And Accountability is the Highest level of LEADERSHIP Ain t the way of Doing, it is the way of Thinking It is a must read book for any leader or someone aspiring for leadership

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No Matter What What If The Secret To Being Your Best, Attracting People And Leading People Was Merely Knowing What, Why And How To Commit To People All You Have Ever Wanted Was To Have Meaningful Relationships, Attract Others To Your Cause And Be Able To Make A Difference In The Lives Of The People Around You You Can Have All This And When You Harness The Power Of The Commitment No Matter What Starts With A Simple Yes That Forms A Commitment You Make To Yourself And To The People Around You You Will Discover That, No Matter What, You Will Be Able To Make Your Word Your BondKnow And Live Your ValuesHelp People Be Their Very BestCreate A Good Reputation In A Troubled WorldDevelop And Sustain Sound Financial Principles No Matter What Is Simple, Powerful And Life Changing When You Start Right Now You Will Be Committing To A Better Future For Yourself And The People Around You, No Matter What For Over 25 Years, Sam Silverstein Has Helped People And Organizations Be The Very Best They Can Be Sam Will Share The Truth Of What Accountability Is, Why It Is The Most Powerful Change Agent In Existence And How You Can Harness The Power Of Commitment In 10 Specific And Defining Areas Sam Has Worked With Companies, Government Agencies And Individuals Around The World Helping Them Create Their Best Possible Self Through The Power Of Accountability Thousands Of People Have Put Sam S Philosophies And Tools To Work As They Have Grown And Prospered.