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Love Fever GRACE REGAN Was Wildly Jealous Of Her Psychiatrist Husband In A Way, You Couldn T Blame Her Day After Day, Dr Paul Regan Was Exposed To Such Mentally And Physically Disturbed Patients As SHEILA MICHAELS, Whose Bouts Of Love Left Her So Dissatisfied That She Succumbed To MelancholiaCHARLOTTE HENDERSON, The Matron Whose Sick Dreams Included Fantastic Liaisons With Paul HimselfJEANNE HIGGINS, A Young Girl, Yet Already Subject To Strange Tendencies Only Enough Men Could SatisfyJESSICA HOPKINS, Who Desperately Enticed Paul, And Forced Him To Indecencies With His Office NurseEvery Variety Of Emotionally Twisted Woman Sought Dr Regan S Couch, Subject To His Innermost Probings, To His Will He Would Have Been Less Than Human If He Had Not Yielded To Temptation So Grace, His Wife, Took Matters Into Her Own Hands She Would Show Him She Was As Sick As Any Of His Nymphomaniac Patients That She Needed His Tender Care Just As Much As They Did