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    Just finished re reading Feldman s book I am sorry I did not do it much justice in my first review, giving it 3 stars This reading has opened up new ways of writing on Beckett for me I gave myself a week to complete my research proposal and I am already on my way This is genuine research which deals with recently catalogued interwar notes that Beckett wrote and typed in his wilderness years when banished from the Joyce household after breaking the great writer s daughter s heart, he was trying to find his own voice, struggling to come out of the shadow of the great Irish master and his erstwile friend Along with these notes, the German Diaries and the 2 volumes of Letters, so much has come into light about Samuel Beckett and the development of his art in recent years that this should change the way we read this writer I have always maintained that Beckett s writing is not about something but it IS something Our Exagmination , it is the thing itself, like an abstract painting by Bram Van Velde There are words, there is some narrative but looking for meanings is unfruitful Finding anologies is futile Just read and enjoy the language that means nothing like ALL language Beckett shows language for what it is, unreliable, inaccurate and full of play as opposed to fit This is ...

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Beckett's Books: A Cultural History of Samuel Beckett's 'Interwar Notes' (Continuum Literary Studies) Samuel Beckett Is A Challenging Giant Of 20th Century Literature, And Beckett Studies Increasingly Focus On The Interwar Period For Evidence Of Beckett S Subsequent Embrace Of An Art Of Failure This Monograph Is Based On Close Analysis Of The Newly Released Notebooks And Transcriptions Compiled By Beckett From 1929 1940, Which Shed Important And Unique Insight Into Beckett S Working Methods, Original Sources And Literary Development In Particular They Reveal The Central Paradox That Beckett S Professions Of Ignorance And Impotence Were Founded Upon Extensive Erudition And Academic Practices Reflecting His Interests In Philosophy And Psychology This Is The First Book To Offer An Extended Study Of How Recent Archival Discoveries Can Contribute To The Fundamental Transformation Of Beckett S Truly Revolutionary Literature.