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Space Policy: An Introduction Space Policy An Introduction Is The First Book To Attempt To Describe The Broad Sweep Of Decision Making And Outcomes Of The American Effort In Space Nathan C Goldman Examines The Political And Technological Complexities Surrounding The History And Development Of Space Policy Covering The International As Well As The U.S Arenas, He Discusses Space Law, Public Opinion, The Roles Of Government Agencies And Private Industry, And The Civilian And Military Implications That Space Development Has For Our Global Society Goldman Uses A Systems Model To Structure His Book, Focusing Successively On The Environment In Which Space Policy Is Made, The Domestic And International Inputs That Influence It, The Institutions That Determine It, The Outputs That Stem From It, And The Feedback That Will Shape It For The Future The Model, Says Goldman, Is Useful For Forcing Readers To Think About The Interrelationships Among Society, Technology, And Politics As A Textbook For Political Science Students, Space Policy An Introduction Is A Thorough Survey Of The Subject For Space Buffs And Organization Activists, The Book Will Provide A Better Understanding Of The Technological And Political Contexts Of Space Development For Technical Experts And Policymakers, The Book Offers A Broad View Beyond Their Areas Of Specialization Indeed, Since Space Policy Has The Potential To Transform All Of Society And To Affect Directly The Lives Of Everyone For All Time To Come, Goldman Believes It Essential That We All Help Determine Its Direction.

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