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The Heir Natalie Knew When She Took The Job Teaching Fairy Like Essentials How To Blend Into The Ordinary World That She Was Stepping Into A World Far From Her Own While She Anticipated The Unexpected, Nothing Could Prepare Her For What Was To Come Her World Was Turned Upside Down, Thrusting Her Into An Entirely New Reality Her Teaching Days Behind Her, Natalie Struggles To Find Where She Fits She Is An Ordinary Existing In A World Where She Is Surrounded By The EXTRAORDINARY She Finds Solace From The Newfound Pressures And Horrific Nightmares She S Been Plagued With In Her Fianc And Is Certain Her Life Will Settle Once They Are Married However, Their Plans To Wed Are Deterred When Natalie S Future Father In Law Cannot Be Found Resulting In Delaying Their Big Day Indefinitely Their Search To Find Him Reveals A Twisted, Dark, Hidden Past That Puts Natalie And The Ones She Loves Most In Grave Danger In This Much Anticipated Sequel To THE ORDINARY, Natalie FIGHTS She Fights For Her Identity She Fights For Love And Freedom She Fights The Dark She Fights For The Heir.