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    This is a book that is mainly about a painful divorce and the attempt by the protagonist Shona to take back control of her ruined life In doing so, she seeks revenge against her art dealer husband who has callously put her through misery It s a wonderful tale and, amongst a cast of very good characters, Shona s two children Jude and Cerys stand out as being drawn really well To say whether she gets her revenge or not would be a plot spoiler, so I ll avoid going down that line There is an intriguing, super natural sub plot Shona is haunted by her past, the fear that, like the other women in her blood line, she is pursued by the Devil, whose footprints are visible when it snows This gives us an insight into Shona s familial backstory and we are introduced from the outset to Shona s troubled mother, Greta, still being pursued by the Devil, and her grandmother, who died whilst being pursued.The two sub plots, the mundane and the fantastic, are connected through a strange youth, Kallu, who inserts himself into Shona s life and is soon living in her garden shed His odd, clairvoyant, meditating, barefoot antics and riddle strewn conversations make him an intere...

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    Sarah Armstrong s second novel is a story of parenthood, domestic abuse, transgenerational trauma and belief in the supernatural, such that they all listened to completely different stories made from the same words.Full review What makes us who we are

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    I received this book for free via Goodreads First Reads.Review part 1 It is a hard book to review mostly as it packs a lot of content yet for the most part lacks a real punch Some of the characters are believable yet some of the others seem like they belong in fiction I felt next to nothing for at least of two of the main characters and struggled not to skip over their words Some of this book really is boring and just seemed like padding.Review part 2 But maybe that was the point The book is about the separation of a couple and how it affects the main character The supernatural element was her way of coping Stories get passed on and people believe them There are long silences despite the words to endure There are some great paragraphs in between the padding Was this d...

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    thank you to the publisher for a complimentary copy of this title in exchange for an honest review I don t think the synopsis does this book justice I initially though that this was going to be a humourous book, and that s the one thing that it was not This book is very surreal at times and impossible to classify as a genre, but it s definitely not a comedy.This book is told from the perspective of Shona and her mother, Greta It covers the history of the women in their family and the traditions and poor choices which seem to have been passed down through the generations.I m sure that a lot of the subtext in this book flew right over my head, I m a very literal kind of reader and I could tell while I was reading this book that there were hidden meanings to things that I just wasn t getting It didn t really affect my enjoyment, I don t think, but I would be aware of this when you give this book a read.My fascination with this book was held by the exploration of relationships between mothers and daughters, Shona has shitty relationships with both her mother and her daughter she certainly hopes for a better one with her daughter but isn t prepared to make the effort with her mother Th...

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    Well written literary fiction with a bit of myth and fairy tale included Great voice and characterisation Lovely use of language Quite gripping despite it not being a thriller.

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The Devil in the Snow All Shona Wants Is A Simple Life With Her Young Son, And To Get Free Of Maynard, The Ex Who S Still Living In The House When Her Teenage Daughter Goes Missing, She S Certain Maynard Is The Culprit Her Mother, Greta, Is No Help As She S Too Obsessed With The Devil Her Uncle Jimmy Is Fresh Out Of Prison And Has Never Been Entirely Straight With Her Then There S The Shaman Living In Her Shed Shona Soon Discovers That The Secrets She Buried Are As Dangerous As The Family Curse Haunting Her Mother.