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Object-Orientation, Abstraction, and Data Structures Using Scala Mark Lewis Introduction To The Art Of Programming Using Scala Was The First Textbook To Use Scala For Introductory CS Courses Fully Revised And Expanded, The New Edition Of This Popular Text Has Been Divided Into Two Books Object Orientation, Abstraction, And Data Structures Using Scala, Second Edition Is Intended To Be Used As A Textbook For A Second Or Third Semester Course In Computer Science.The Scala Programming Language Provides Powerful Constructs For Expressing Both Object Orientation And Abstraction This Book Provides Students With These Tools Of Object Orientation To Help Them Structure Solutions To Larger, Complex Problems, And To Expand On Their Knowledge Of Abstraction So That They Can Make Their Code Powerful And Flexible The Book Also Illustrates Key Concepts Through The Creation Of Data Structures, Showing How Data Structures Can Be Written, And The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each One Libraries That Provide The Functionality Needed To Do Real Programming Are Also Explored In The Text, Including GUIs, Multithreading, And Networking.The Book Is Filled With End Of Chapter Projects And Exercises, And The Authors Have Also Posted A Number Of Different Supplements On The Book Website Video Lectures For Each Chapter In The Book Are Also Available On YouTube The Videos Show Construction Of Code From The Ground Up And This Type Of Live Coding Is Invaluable For Learning To Program, As It Allows Students Into The Mind Of A Experienced Programmer, Where They Can See The Thought Processes Associated With The Development Of The Code.

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