[Epub] Exploring Gogol By Robert Maguire – Bassgrotto.co.uk

Exploring Gogol For The Past 150 Years, Critics Have Referred To The Gogol Problem , By Which They Mean Their Inability To Account For A Life And Work That Are Puzzling, Often Opaque, Yet Have Proved Consistently Fascinating To Generations Of Readers This Book Proceeds On The Assumption That Gogol S Life And Work, In All Their Manifestations, Form A Whole It Identifies, In Ways That Have Eluded Critics To Date, The Rhetorical Strategies And Thematic Patterns That Create The Unity These Larger Concerns Emerge From A Close Study Of The Major Texts, Fictional And Nonfictional, And In Turn Are Set In A Broad Artistic And Intellectual Context, Russian And European, With Special Attention To German Philosophy, The Visual Arts, And Orthodox Christian Theology.

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