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Investigating the Social World + Dictionary of Statistics & Methodology SAGE And Pine Forge Press Are Pleased To Offer A Cost Effective Way To Provide Your Students With An Additional Valuable Resource They Ll Want To Keep On Their Shelves The Fourth Edition Of Russell Schutt S Successful Social Research Text, Investigating The Social World The Process And Practice Of Research And The Second Edition Of W Paul Vogt S Dictionary Of Statistics Methodology A Nontechnical Guide For The Social Sciences Are Now Available At An Affordable Package Price Of 84.95 This Is Just 5.00 Above The List Price Of The Fourth Edition Of Investigating The Social World 79.95 Stand Alone And 44.95 Less Than The Individual Books If Purchased Separately To Order This Bundle For Your Course, Simply Ask Your Bookstore To Place Their Order Using ISBN 1 4129 0908 2 The Fourth Edition Of Investigating The Social World The Process And Practice Of Research, Links The Doing Of Social Research To Important Social Issues, Including Research On The Internet And Social Relations, Substance Abuse, Homelessness, And Gender Roles Each Chapter Presents An Interesting Research Question And Demonstrates How The Methods Introduced In That Chapter Can Be Used To Help Answer The Research Question Posed This Book Not Only Emphasizes Research Techniques But Also Equips Students With The Critical Skills Necessary To Evaluate Research Done By Others For Information On Investigating The Social World, Please Click Here Also Available Is A Valuable Web Based Student Study Site With Exercises And Research Activities One Key Feature Of The Student Study Site Is The Learning From Journals Section That Enables You To Illustrate Key Concepts In The Text And Integrate Journals Articles Into Your Curriculum To Read A Sample Chapter From Investigating The Social World, Simply Click Here Or Click On Additional Materials In The Left Menu Under About This Book The Second Edition Of The Dictionary Of Statistics And Methodology Contains Many Examples And Definitions Written In Ordinary English To Help Students Get Through A Difficult Journal Article Or Passage Author W Paul Vogt Pays Special Attention To Terms That Most Often Prevent Educated General Readers From Understanding Journal Articles And Books By Emphasizing Concepts Over Calculations The Level Of Explanation Varies With The Simplicity Or Complexity Of The Term Defined So That Detail Is Offered For Basic Terms For Introductory Readers While Less Is Used To Explain Advanced Concepts For Readers Who Have Background In Those Instances In Which It Is Necessary To Use Another Methodological Or Statistical Term In A Definition, That Term Is Cross Referenced And Indicated By An Asterisk For Information On Dictionary Of Statistics And Methodology, Please Click Here.

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