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The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century This Book Is The Liveliest Account Of African History Ever Written, Covering Over One Thousand Years Of Trans Saharan Trade Finely Written And Researched This Edition Will No Doubt Whet The Appetites Of A Fresh Generation Of Scholars And Students For Greater Knowledge Of Parts Of Africa Still Surprisingly Little Known To The Outside World Journal Of Islamic Studies A Unique Source Book The New York Times Utterly Enthralling Splendidly Romantic The New Yorker

About the Author: E.W. Bovill

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Golden Trade of the Moors: West African Kingdoms in the Fourteenth Century book, this is one of the most wanted E.W. Bovill author readers around the world.

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    Centuries old Trans Saharan Trade Sidelined at LastNowadays everyone is a specialist If you aren t, the chances of getting a book published are slim And if you are writing a thesis, better be sure to narrow it down, focus on a small piece of the whole pie Hey, I ve told students that myself so I definitely know what I m talking about But looking at the big picture is important than that it s why you build up the small snapshots, so ultimately you ll understand the big one Only we almost never get to it I really admire books like this, all the when they are written by amateur historians who plugged away on their own for years Bovill s fascinating study of the long history of the trans Sahara trade brings in Greeks, Carthaginians, and Romans, Tuareg and Berbers, Jews, Muslims, Arabs, and finally the Europeans who first traded with the North Africans despite endless religious wars, then tried to find the source of the gold that came across the desert in such abundancy for so many centuries African empires grew up on this trade, Islamic rulers rose and fell ove...

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    In the case of The Golden Trade of the Moors, Bovill s narrative retrieves and emphasizes the importance of the Sahara from the perspective of outsiders Bovill constructs a narrative that situates the Sahara at the center of crossing histories by emphasizing the importance of trade and how vital the Sahara was to other countries, it becomes clear that the Sahara has importance Bovill has also given a history of a desert that upheld isolation through the trans Saharan trade where the importance of the Sahara revolves around trade Bovill does not write the Sahara out of history, but rather, inverts the Sahara Bovill situates the Sahara at the center, but his methodological approach makes the center peripheral the Sahara itself is not at the forefront of his narrative So, while everything may work from the outside, the center remains uncontrollable, wild, and unknown Thus, Bovill manages to position the Sahara at the center of crossing histories, yet makes the Sahara that much harder to penetrate.Bovill analyzes the Sahara as a unit and stresses movement, in terms of trade, across the Sahara as a unifying factor however, in emphasizin...

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    Probably one of the best books on the overall history of the Western Sahara It is cursory in its dealings with the northern coastal areas but it is excellent in its coverage of those kingdoms inhabiting the sou...

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