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    Deserves four stars for supplying such meticulous details concerning the Danish defences, the state of the navy, and for highlighting the plight of the neutral nations during the Napoleonic Wars The arguments concerning which ships could fly the flags of neutral nations and the goods that they could carry without provoking belligerent nations, were of course going to re emerge during World War 1.Personally I d like to have had a little background into the impact of the French Revolution if any upon Scandanavia and the Baltic Also maps and plans are always helpful.But found the account of the Danish navy up against the British fleet of Nelson and Parker quite gripping The tension of the Danish defence caught in such a hopeless predicament , facing a battle that they couldn t possibly win,were conveyed well And there was the risk that Copenhagen itself could be bombarded by the British Yet if they didn t engage, the Danes would face the wrath of other powers such as France, Russia and Sweden.Also interesting to see a objective view of Lord Nelson from non British eyes,, though the writer seems to agree that Nelson was a warrior rather than a butcher.The events post 1801 ...

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    History of the 1801 naval Battle of Copenhagen Well written, well organized with perspectives from both the British and Danish sides Author weaves a good mix of the political maneuverings in London, Copenhagen, and St Petersburg and the tensions...

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    Excellent look at the reasons behind the battle as well as the aftermath Denmark was caught between two giants because of its stand on offensive neutrality which eventually led to this battle with Britain While the author obviously presents Britain s s...

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The Battle of Copenhagen 1801 Of All The Many Actions He Fought, Horatio Nelson, England S Greatest Naval Heros Claimed That The Battle Of Copenhagen Was The Hottest Yet, While Others Such As The Nile And The Fateful Trafalgar Have Been Minutely Analysed, Historians Have Waited Patiently For A Truly Comprehensive Account Of This Engagement Between The British Fleet And The Determined Danish Defenders.