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The Kinfolk Entrepreneur In The Kinfolk Entrepreneur, Author Nathan Williams Introduces Readers To 40 Creative Business Owners Around The Globe, Offering An Inspiring, In Depth Look Behind The Scenes Of Their Lives And Their Companies Pairing Insightful Interviews With Striking Images Of These Men And Women And Their Workspaces, The Kinfolk Entrepreneur Makes Business Personal The Book Profiles Both Budding And Experienced Entrepreneurs Across A Broad Range Of Industries From Fashion Designers To Hoteliers In Cities Across The Globe From Copenhagen To Dubai Readers Will Learn How Today S Industry Leaders Handle Both Their Successes And Failures, Achieve Work Life Balance, Find Motivation In The Face Of Adversity, And So Much.

10 thoughts on “The Kinfolk Entrepreneur

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    An inspiring read and beautiful to look at.The suggested tools at the end felt a little unnecessary as did some of the other little extras.

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    Inspiring and has nice photographs If you are looking for a lot of content rather than visuals, then this is not the right book on entrepreneurship.

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    Fairly useless, but nice to look at.

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    This broad collection of interesting stories does a good job of illustrating the varied backgrounds and motivations that can lead to pursuing the development of one s own brand Certainly not a pragmatic how to book, this is about the sparking inspiration than anything else The good people at Kinfolk bring their signature aesthetic to this over sized book accordingly, it is nothing short of stunning in the vi...

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    So many great success stories My favorite part of the book was Tips How to hire properly, lead people, ask for help, and work together were all great for insight and a few reminders on things you probably learned as a child and have lost somewhere along the busy journey to adulthood.

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    Three words pertinent, masterful, inspirational

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    A nice looking but totally useless book w the depth of a Fortune magazine article.

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    Beautifully curated, even if it s lacking in substantial content Makes a good coffee table book.

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    A beautiful book that showcased some pretty amazing people I will be showcasing this coffee table book on full display.

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    Williams interviews an array of professionals whom started a company The final chapter was very hopeful and informative it was important points for any entrepreneur.

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