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Genetic Analysis Informed By Many Years Of Genetics Teaching And Research Experience, Authors Mark Sanders And John Bowman Use An Integrative Approach That Helps Contextualize Three Core Challenges Of Learning Genetics Solving Problems, Understanding Evolution, And Understanding The Connection Between Traditional Genetics Models And Modern Approaches.This Package Contains Genetic Analysis An Integrated Approach

10 thoughts on “Genetic Analysis

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    I used this as my reference book for my Genetics class It s okay for me since it provide few example and questions with answers which i can practice for my exam Overall it was good.

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    This textbook was rather terrible, dry, uninteresting, and with overlong chapters.I might have been lenient and given this textbook 3 stars, but I had it in a quarter where the professor was equally terrible.

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    Very well written explanations of everything, but a little too wordy Diagrams were very complicated when they didn t have to be Overall, not a bad book though.

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