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Secrets Of Sanctuary Hospital A Journey Through Hell PDF Epub Secrets Of Sanctuary Hospital A Journey Through Hell Author L.A.A Law Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us Please Note That The Net Proceeds From The Sales Of This Installment Will Be Donated By The Author To A Local School.In This Second Installment, The Mystical Mystery Continues With Dark Forces Seeking Revenge Against Mia And Andrew For Ripping From Its Grasp The Opportunity To Manipulate The St Cloud Family On This Plane To Bring Forth Destruction And Chaos Mia Learns That The Surreal World Is Filled With Than Just Her New Found Family And The Spirits Which Fight For Souls On This Plane As She Meets New Vampires, Witches, And Demons With The Ability To Possess Humans As Andrew Fights To Restore The Waning Lives Of Those In The Brazilian Hospital Who Have Been Attacked For Their Small Part In Ruining The Dark Forces Plan, Mia Is At Sanctuary Experiencing Strange Happenings Which Reveal Not Only The Key To A Demon Possessing A Young Girl Who Is Hell Bent Upon Revenge Against Her, But Revelations Which Suggest That She May Be Tied To The Surreal World By Than Just Her Love For Andrew Before She Can Truly Uncover The Meaning Of Her Revelations, A Demon Unleashes Its Revenge And Casts Mia Into An Isolated And Desolate Existence Where Andrew And The Twins Have Been Ripped From Her Life And She Is Left Fighting To Release The Souls Of Those Who Were Dragged To Hell In An Attempt To Rescue Her From The Demon S Vengeance Short Description Mia Always Knew That Snatching The St Clouds Souls From The Hands Of Darkness Which Longed To Use Them As Puppets For Destruction On This Plane Would Come At A Cost, But She Never Imagined Such Retribution Would Come In The Guise Of A Young Girl Brought To Sanctuary For Protection Confronting The Possessing Demon Leaves Mia Devastated, Isolated, And Cast Into A World Without Andrew And Her New Found Family Can She Persevere Against The Manipulating Forces Endeavoring To Claim Her Soul To Join Andrew In The Afterlife, Or Will The Darkness Claim Its Most Sought After Soul Inside Cover After Traveling A Long, Sorrowful, And Difficult Path, Mia And Andrew Finally Forged A Bridge Across The Chasm And Are Planning A Quiet Christmas Eve Wedding Where They Can Begin Their Happily Ever After The Love And Personal Growth Which Spawned Mia Through Her Most Difficult Journey Gives Her Confidence To Handle The Newest Puzzling Patient To Enter Sanctuary Hospital Little Does She Know That Getting Involved With This Patient Will Nearly End Her Existence Waking Up After Being Thrown Down A Gorge By A Vindictive Demon Shrouded In The Embodiment Of This Tormented Young Girl Leaves Mia, Isolated, Alone And Facing A World Without Andrew, Without The Twins And Without The Assistance Of Most Of Her New Found Family, Who Have Been Ripped Away While She Was Fighting Her Way Back From An Unconscious Abyss.As She Struggles To Find The Strength To Forge Ahead And Pick Up The Remnants Of Her Shattered Life, In Hopes Of Salvaging Her Eternity And Reuniting With The Soul Of Her Lost Love In The Afterlife, Demonic Forces Seek To Force Her Further Into A Desolate Existence Of Despair In Hopes Of Clouding Her Vision And Giving The Dark Abyss The Soul It Has Been Craving.