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How To Get Out Of Debt Are You In Debt Are You Living From Paycheck To Paycheck, From Hand To Mouth, Hoping And Wishing Every Single Day For Some Money To Come Along Stop Waiting For Your Finances To Straighten Themselves Outthey Re Not Going To It Takes Time And Effort On Your Part, And It S Finally Time To Do It, To Take Control, To Direct Your Life Toward Financial Abundance Rather Than Financial Ruin Being In Debt Can Be One Of The Most Debilitating, Suffocating Feelingsand Over 30% Of Americans Are In Debt Over 10,000 Far Too Many People Struggle With Personal Finances And Worry Themselves Into Stress, Anxiety, And Illness It S Time To Fix The Issue At Its Source In This Book We Ll Go Over How To Get Yourself Out Of Debt And Stay Out Of Debt For Good By Making Changes To Your Income, Your Spending, Your Attitude, Your Outlook, And Your Cash Flow Get Ready To Move Toward Abundance And Wealth