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    Summary We Germans who tried to be patriotic and come to the aid of our nation during the Nazi period by following the law, supporting the military, and doing our various duties while trying to avoid getting any mixed up in all those atrocities than we really had to why can t the world respect us as the really good, honorable people we are, especially the noblemen and officers among us Actual quote T his was precisely the point at which the problem collided with individual conscience This was every individual s experience No matter what route he might have followed to join the movement Naziism he was fully informed in advanced concerning it s attitude toward the Jewish question But in almost no case did this question impinge on the realms of his own problems Only gradually, but steadily, did the Jewish question seep into the individual s own field of activity And each man was at a given moment faced with this decision how far did the measures periodically ordered almost always recognised for what they were, but not as steps in a culminating process affect the carrying out of what he regarded as his own task and duties I must assume this that the decision was honestly faced But even that meant nothing than the insinuati...

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    Anyone interested in overthrowing democracy desperately needs to read the great memoir of Ernst von Salomon, Der Fragebogen, published in English as The Answers but better translated as The Questionnaire The title is a reference to the denazification questionnaires which all Germans seeking any responsible postwar position had to complete Salomon, who despite his name was not Jewish though his wife was was never a Nazi He was, however, a hardcore nationalist, and not just any hardcore nationalist he was a member of the notorious post Freikorps death squad, Organisation Consul, and personally involved in the assassination of Rathenau, for which he served time If it s any defense, he was 19, and his role was limited to procuring the getaway car He was also a brilliant writer who made a living turning out movie scripts before, during, and after the Third Reich A good comparison is Ernst J nger, also wonderfully readable if a little abstruse Der Fragebogen is a gloriously ...

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