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  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Public Things
  • Bonnie Honig
  • 06 June 2018
  • 9780823276417

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    Honing builds her case in lecture one and develops a theoretical framework in lecture 2 then views a Critical historian and a filmmaker through this framework in lecture 3 For Honig, she doesn t put a definition to what a public thing is, however, I found that she does acknowledge in Lecture 3 that what makes a public thing is something that allows for imagination For Honig public things are not fixed A very engaging text as Honig is brining in the theories of an unlikely pair between Arendt Political Theorist and Winnicot Psychoanalytical writer The relationship between Winnicott and Arendt was made clear by Ho...

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    I appreciate the psychoanalytic materialist insight that public things can gather together the democratic people There are also some clever moments, such as the reading of the issue of Big Bird in the 2012 Presidential debate as involving the infantilization of public goods Yet, I find myself far drawn to the notion of the commons that Honig contrasts with her public things in the epilogue Moreover, I am skeptical of some of the examples of public things, and since there is no definiti...

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    Densely academic, but thought provoking.

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    To speak of democracy, so the story goes, is to speak of the demos the people for whom and by which politics takes place But what of the people s Things The things of the public around which we coalesce, and through which our worlds are constructed Monuments, roads, rivers, and light shared things, public things Do these have a life simply incidental to democracy, or do they stand instead among it s necessary conditions, a landscape through which its vital powers are channeled, challenged, and cherished To just this second alternative is what, in a beautiful triptych of essays, is affirmed here by Bonnie Honig, who with this book rightly cements her place as one of the most important democratic thinkers of the present day Reflecting less on the bright light topics of freedom, equality, subjectivity or biopolitics, it s instead to the unsung dignity of infrastructure, land, food, and space that Honig turns her attention, bringing out, in a way few others can or have, the tangible stakes of what it would mean to live in a democratic world.Indeed the question of Things and the world which they inaugurate and sustain lies at the heart of this lovely tract, precisely to the extent that their power seems ever waning under the drive now everywhere present to privatization and economic efficiency Drawing on the unlikely pairing of Han...

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Public Things PDF Epub Public Things Author Bonnie Honig Bandcamptomp3.co.uk In The Contemporary World Of Neoliberalism, Efficiency Is Treated As The Vehicle Of Political And Economic Health.State Bureaucracy, But Not Corporate Bureaucracy, Is Seen As Inefficient, And Privatization Is Seen As A Magic Cure For Social Ills In Public Things Democracy In Disrepair, Bonnie Honig Asks Whether Democracy Is Possible In The Absence Of Public Services, Spaces, And Utilities In Other Words, If Neoliberalism Leaves To Democracy Merely Electoral Majoritarianism And Procedures Of Deliberation While Divesting Democratic States Of Their Ownership Of Public Things, What Will The Impact Be Following Tocqueville, Who Extolled The Virtues Of Pursuing In Common The Objects Of Common Desires, Honig Focuses Not On The Demos But On The Objects Of Democratic Life Democracy, As She Points Out, Postulates Public Things Infrastructure, Monuments, Libraries That Citizens Use, Care For, Repair, And Are Gathered Up By To Be Gathered Up Refers To The Work Of D W Winnicott, The Object Relations Psychoanalyst Who Popularized The Idea Of Transitional Objects The Toys, Teddy Bears, Or Favorite Blankets By Way Of Which Infants Come To Understand Themselves As Unified Selves With An Inside And An Outside In Relation To Others The Wager Of Public Things Is That The Work Transitional Objects Do For Infants Is Analogously Performed For Democratic Citizens By Public Things, Which Press Us Into Object Relations With Others And With Ourselves.Public Things Attends Also To The Historically Racial Character Of Public Things Public Lands Taken From Indigenous Peoples, Access To Public Goods Restricted To White Majorities Drawing On Hannah Arendt, Who Saw How Things Fabricated By Humans Lend Stability To The Human World, Honig Shows How Arendt And Winnicott Both Theorists Of Livenesss Underline The Material And Psychological Conditions Necessary For Object Permanence And The Reparative Work Needed For A Egalitarian Democracy.

About the Author: Bonnie Honig

Bonnie Honig is a political and legal theorist specialized in democratic and feminist theory She is Sarah Rebecca Roland Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University and Senior Research Professor at the American Bar Foundation She received her PhD from Johns Hopkins University.Prior to moving to Northwestern University, Prof Honig taught at Harvard University for several years The