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How to Build a Dungeon Reading How To Build A Dungeon Author Yakan Warau Bandcamptomp3.co.uk THE HEROES RISELord Of His Dungeon, King Of His Country, And Master Of An Insatiable Harem, Aur Still Isn T Satisfied His Road Is The Path Of World Conquest But The World Isn T Just Going To Roll Over And Let Him Do As He Pleases The Most Dangerous King Around, The Hero King Wolf, Prepares An Army To Bring An End To Aur S Ambitions And Reclaim His Daughter From The Dungeon The Secrets Of Aur S Past Are Revealed As An Invincible Hero Approaches

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    Holy crap, I did not see that coming What the actual hell, why did that happen Why did that have to happen Holy shit, what the actual hell, manAnyway, this is by far the best volume in the series for a number of reasons that will require spoilers, so deal with it.First of all, learning about heroes, at least from the perspective of Wolfdale and Zeitlied, was interesting and disturbing I was curious while reading volume one how heroes were going to be portrayed in this series, and apparently the answer is phenomenal assholes Granted, Zeitlied seems to show some semblance of humanity in his relationship with Hilda and is genuinely torn apart after she dies, but he and Wolfdale are just such assholes I am not saying that Aur is a better person, you will not see me admit that, but suffice to say I was not heartbroken when Zeitlied died.I was, however, surprised and DEVASTATED that Yunis died and can t be brought back Nooooooooo, whhhhhhhhhy This poor woman died simply because her brother had to in order to fulfill his role as a hero, which reeks of utter bullshit, but whatever Her death was devastating, even though she wasn t my favorite.Aur s backstory was incredibly interesting, mostly because while it looks like a simple guy forced to kill the one he loves and now feels jaded story, it s actually about Aur angered over being powerless He was forced to kill his master because she was able to overpow...

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