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    Nice book to get a young child when they get their first goldfish.

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    From its cleverly enticing title to its engaging images, this slim volume focuses, nor surprisingly, on fish Starting with an ABC list of exotic ones, the author them provides all sorts of information on fish, including the fact that some don t have scales and some are even naked All this discussion of exotic, beautifully colored fish builds to a history of the common goldfish found in many households today Since they were once fairly rare, they were considered special gifts and some folks would actually have parties just to watch...

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    The man behind Toon s Easy to Read Giggle and Learn series is back again with his fun blend of science and art Something s Fishy teaches young readers about fish from the ABCs there s a fish for every letter of the alphabet , to biology, to the history of keeping goldfish as pets, Mr McCloskey uses his acrylic and gouache artwork to illustrate all kinds of fish He also discusses responsible pet ownership by mentioning that some fish, while popular film characters, aren t really supposed to be pets they re much happier in their natural environments A just about actual size rendering of a foot long goldfish will make readers giggle and learn I love the trend of graphic novels as nonfiction texts, and Kevin McCloskey s work for young readers and listeners are among some of my favorites We Dig Worms and The Poop On Pigeons are in constant rotation at my library, and I can t wait to introduce kids to fish with Something s Fishy His books make...

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    This graphic easy reader begins with a fishy alphabet a fish for every letter Then two children African American teach their pets a dog, a cat and a parrot about fish Each page opening talks about a characteristic of fish, and then reveals information about a fish that breaks from the rule In deep colors that echo the watery depths, the acryli...

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    One of the best comic like information books for beginning readers I ve seen The narrative and information is easy to follow, the illustrations are well done, and there is a subtle humor that I found refreshing Definitely worth giving to ocean lovers and fans of Finding Nemo.

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    No story but good, fishy fun.

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    My grandchildren loved this book It starts off by naming a fish for every letter of the alphabet It has lots of interesting facts about fish The illustrations are engaging It is a great book for children.

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    The whole toon series is excellent, and Kevin s books are my son s favorites He laughs and is encouraged to read As the subject matter is animals, and the stories have a mixture of facts and humor, wow, very engaging for emerging readers Highly recommend.

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    Always love the blend of art and science, and this book even add up the supreme comics Can t think of anything better for a beginner Would love to read

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    Cute but no panels so it didn t feel like a comic to me Totally read like a picture book Good non fiction though.

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Somethings Fishy EPUB Somethings Fishy Kevin McCloskey Contra Saustall.eu Some Fish Breathe Air And Some Fish Fly, But The Most Wonderful Fish Of All Turns Out To Be The One You Ve Got At Home In Another Offering Of The Beloved Giggle And Learn Series, Kevin McCloskey Blends Science, Art, And Comedy To Reveal The True Story Behind The Common Goldfish.